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Church Ministry

Exploring the Old Testament

Dr. Donna Petter

May 25 – Aug. 17

Exploring the Old Testament (OT 500) highlights the big picture of the Old Testament through the lens of God’s relationship with his people. We will explore the content, context, message, and purpose of each Old Testament book. We will see how each book fits into the overarching story of the Old Testament and how the unfolding narrative points forward to Jesus as the climax in the story of redemption.

Exploring the New Testament

Dr. Rollin Grams

May 19 – Aug. 24

Exploring the New Testament (NT 501) traces the revelation of the Good News of Jesus Christ from the time of Jesus’ inauguration of God’s Kingdom, through the international missionary work of the Apostle Paul, to the Church’s communal life and witness in the first-century world. We will explore the content, context, message, and purpose of each New Testament book and see how they show the fulfillment of Scripture’s overarching narrative.

Spiritual Formation for Ministry

Dr. Nicole Martin

May 19 – Aug. 24

Spiritual Formation for Ministry (MC/SF 501) seeks to develop a working knowledge of spiritual formation leading to a lifetime of continuing education. Special emphasis is given to spiritual exercise and small group practice for personal application and leadership in ministry.

Intercultural Studies

Introduction to Global Spirituality & Global Leadership

Dr. Todd Johnson

May 18 – Aug. 14
DigitalLive Classes: July 20–24

Introduction to Global Spirituality & Global Leadership (CL/SF 510) provides an overview of global Christian spirituality and leadership. It first surveys Christian spirituality across different traditions and countries. Then, it explores the theology of leadership — the history, sociology and globalization of leadership.

Dynamics of Spiritual Life

Dr. Gwenfair Adams

May 18 – Aug. 14

Dynamics of Spiritual Life (CH/SF 591) draws on the biblical Creation-Redemption narrative, training students in LifeStory Exegesis™, a model of Christian spirituality that can be used in personal renewal, spiritual formation, direction, discipleship, mentoring, and counseling.


Introduction to Pastoral Counseling

Dr. Karen Mason

May 18 – Aug. 14

Introduction to Pastoral Counseling (PC 511) prepares students for the complex task of pastoral care and counseling. The focus is upon the pastor in the congregational setting.

Suicide Prevention for Professional Caregivers

Dr. Karen Mason

May 18 – Aug. 24
DigitalLive Classes: June 1–5

Suicide Prevention for Professional Caregivers (CO671) equips students to develop understanding and skills needed to help suicidal individuals, individuals who have attempted suicide and their family members, and the family members and a faith community following a suicide death.

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