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Dynamics of Spiritual Life


Dr. Gwenfair Walters Adams

Associate Professor of Church History

Code Section Course Title Professor Site Date/Time
SF 591 Dynamics of Spiritual Life G. Adams Online May 18 – August 14

Course Description

This course explores the implications that examining the world through the lens of story and its structure has for our understanding of the Scriptures and of the Christian life and provides students with related principles and tools—from the riches of church history—to use in spiritual formation.

Drawing on the biblical Creation-Redemption narrative, the course trains students in LifeStory Exegesis™, a model of Christian spirituality that can be used in personal renewal, spiritual formation, direction, discipleship, mentoring, and counseling. Combining theological reflection, historical analysis, literary theory, film, and practical application, it explores key spiritual dynamics, equipping persons for ministry to those seeking a deeper life with Christ. Issues of discovering one’s design and calling, effectively facing challenges and suffering, dealing with core lies, equipping for power encounters, and growing in attentiveness to God will be dealt with in an integrated model. LifeStory Exegesis™ can also be used to gain a deeper understanding of the unique DNA and particular challenges of churches and organizations (nonprofits, etc.).

Learning Outcomes

As a result of successfully completing Dynamics of Spiritual Life, students should be able to:

  • List and describe the component parts of Story structure and their implications:
    • For the interpretation of the Creation-Redemption narrative of the Scriptures
    • For the key dynamics of the spiritual life
    • For apologetics and evangelism
  • Use LifeStory Exegesis (for themselves and others):
    • To grow in attentiveness to God in their life stories and daily life
    • To analyze their God-given vocational design and potential callings
    • To identify their core lies and spiritual challenges and the resources for overcoming
  • Draw on the riches of the history of the global Church to trace the contours of the history of Christian spirituality
    • To draft a Rule of Life
    • To respond effectively to power encounters
    • To explore how Christians have used imagination and literature to express the idea of the hiddenness of God
    • To analyze the key spiritual dynamics in models of spiritual formation
    • To research and discuss the core spiritual dynamics at play in the life and writings of a Christian leader of their choosing

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