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Semlink at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Tuition and Fees

Tuition Costs

The cost of a Semlink+ course varies depending on which campus you are affiliated with. A Semlink+ course will be subject to the same tuition costs as an on-campus course at your home campus, plus a technology fee. You can find the most current information about tuition here:

Refund Schedule

Refunds for dropping or withdrawing from Semlink+ courses will be granted based on the Semlink+ semester schedule:

  • Friday of week 1: The last day to drop your course and receive a 100% tuition refund
  • Friday of week 2: The last day to withdraw from your course and receive an 80% tuition refund
  • Friday of week 3: The last day to withdraw from your course and receive a 50% refund
  • Monday following week 14: The last day to withdraw, no refund

Using Summer 2015 as an example:

  • May 18: Semlink+ summer term begins
  • May 22: Add/Drop deadline with 100% refund
  • May 29: Deadline for 80% refund
  • June 5: Deadline for 50% refund
  • June 12: Deadline to submit P/F petition
  • August 24: Last day of course (no refund)


Financial Aid Information

If you are an on-campus student, meaning that you have taken classes on one of Gordon-Conwell's four campuses, any financial aid you have will also apply to your Semlink+ courses.  Please contact the Financial Aid office (finaidinfo@gordonconwell.edu) if you have any questions about how particular scholarship stipulations might work with Semlink+ courses.

Gordon-Conwell does not offer institutional grants or scholarship aid for Semlink+ students who have not yet taken courses on campus. However, students taking at least two off-campus Semlink+ courses registered within the same semester are eligible to apply for Financial Aid in the form of a Federal Stafford loan for an amount up to the cost of the tuition only. (This does not apply to International Students.) Only students who are seeking a degree through Gordon-Conwell are eligible for applying for Federal Stafford loans. Visiting and Special Students are not able to apply for Federal Stafford loans through GCTS. For the two-step instructions on applying for Financial Aid, please visit our Apply for Financial Aid page.


Discontinued Semlink Classic Classes for Personal Enrichment (Non-Credit)

Some Semlink Classic materials may be purchased for personal enrichment. This kind of purchase is open to anyone inside or outside of the Gordon-Conwell community. These materials may be purchased through the Harold John Ockenga Institute's online store.  Students and alumni who wish to purchase discontinued Semlink Classic materials for non-credit use should contact the Harold John Ockenga Institute (store@gordonconwell.edu) for a coupon code to receive the student/alumni discount.


Textbooks are available through the Gordon-Conwell BookCentre. Most additional suggested readings are also available from the BookCentre. Books can be ordered from the BookCentre's web site. You may also  contact  the BookCentre directly at 1-888-252-4287.