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Semlink at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Tuition and Fees


Tuition Costs

The cost of a Semlink course varies depending on which campus you are affiliated with.  A Semlink course will be subject to the same tuition costs as an on-campus course at your home campus, plus a $90 Semlink services fee.  You can find the most current information about tuition here:

Financial Aid information

If you are an on-campus student, meaning that you have taken classes on one of Gordon-Conwell's four campuses, any financial aid you have will also apply to your Semlink courses.  Please contact the Financial Aid office (finaidinfo@gordonconwell.edu) if you have any questions about how particular scholarship stipulations might work with Semlinks.

Gordon-Conwell does not offer institutional grants or scholarship aid for Semlink students who have not yet taken courses on campus.  However, students taking at least two off-campus Semlink courses registered within the same semester are eligible to apply for Financial Aid in the form of a Federal Stafford loan for an amount up to the cost of the tuition only. (This does not apply to International Students.) Only students who are seeking a degree through Gordon-Conwell are eligible for applying for Federal Stafford loans. Visiting and Special Students are not able to apply for Federal Stafford loans through GCTS. For the two step instructions on applying for Financial Aid, please visit our Apply for Financial Aid page.


Semlink for Personal Enrichment (Non-Credit)

Some Semlink materials may be purchased for personal enrichment. This kind of purchase is open to anyone inside or outside of the Gordon-Conwell community. These materials may be purchased at the Semlink portion of our online store.  Students and alumni who wish to purchase Semlink materials for non-credit use should contact the Semlink office (semlink@gordonconwell.edu) for a coupon code to receive the student/alumni discount.


Textbooks are available through the Gordon-Conwell BookCentre. Most additional suggested readings are also available from the BookCentre. Books can be ordered from the BookCentre's web site. You may also  contact  the BookCentre directly at 1-888-252-4287.