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The Alumni Engagement team is excited to begin building more opportunities for alumni to connect with one another, and to use your skills and experience to serve each other, current students, and the seminary. This page will keep growing!

Below are a few things we already have in place. Please share any ideas you have, or other ways you might like to connect or serve, by using this “Ideas” button. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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Alumni Admissions Ambassadors

Alumni Admissions Ambassadors are Gordon-Conwell alumni who partner in various ways with the seminary’s Admissions Department and the Office of Alumni Engagement. There are three different groups of Admissions Ambassadors, although some choose to participate in more than one role.

• Encouragement Ambassadors cheer on and encourage students who are beginning their journey with Gordon-Conwell. Ambassadors in this role pray for and encourage admitted students during their discernment process and, if the students desire it, newly enrolled students throughout their seminary years.

• Experience Ambassadors connect with potential students to answer questions about their time at Gordon-Conwell. This role involves several different types of interactions with prospective students, all drawing on the Ambassador’s personal experience with the seminary.

Recruiting Ambassadors organize and implement one or two recruiting events each year that take advantage of their physical locations, organizational connections and/or personal or professional relationships to introduce potential students to Gordon-Conwell.

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Ordained Women Leading and Serving

If you are an alumna who received an M.Div. or D.Min. from Gordon-Conwell or are an alumna ordained as a pastor, chaplain or other ordained ministry, this new group is for you! These alumnae meet (digitally at this point) for fellowship and to offer support or mentoring to current female students and recent alumnae.

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