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The following books were written by Gordon-Conwell alumni. Recent releases are listed on this page. Scroll to the decade below to view the books written by alumni who graduated in that decade.  You can also look up specific names using the “find” function on your keyboard.  Books with links are available at our online store in partnership with Christian Book Distributors. Don’t see your book?  Fill out the Alumni Author form.

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Books By Alumni Who Graduated 2010-2019

Dr. James Akerson (D.Min. 2018)

James Arcadi (M.Div. 2010; Th.M. 2010)

C. Lynn Brinkley (D.Min. 2014)

Riley Fraas (M.Div. 2011)

John Greco (M.Div. 2011)

George Hammond (D.Min. 2014)

Stephen Hiemstra (M.Div. 2013)

Dr. Carmen J. Imes (MABS 2011)

Kate (KD) Johnson (MAR 2010)

  • God’s Got a Method (Emiaj & Marimae Publishing, 2017)

Dr. Timothy Lanigan (M.Div. 2011)

Eric Lewellen (MAT & MANT 2011)

Paul Linzey (D.Min, 2014)

Dr. April Love-Fordham (D.Min. 2011)

Meredith McDaniel (MACO 2010)

Tammy McLeod (MASF 2016)

Dr. Nicholas W. Monsma (D.Min. 2017)

Hannah Nation (M.A. 2017)

Greg Parker, Jr. (Th.M. 2018, M.Div. 2017)

Sarah Shin (MATH 2017)

Natasha Sistrunk Robinson (MACL 2014)

Carson Weitnauer (M.Div. 2010)

Hye Kyung Yoon (Hong) (D.Min. 2017)

  • Strategics of Senior Adult Ministry for Immigrant Korean-American Churches through Christian Education and Counseling (Published D.Min. thesis, 2017)

Samuel J. Youngs (MAR 2011)

Books By Alumni Who Graduated 2000-2009

Michael Ayayo (M.Div. 2001)

Michael Balboni (Th.M. 2001)

Casey C. Barton (M.Div. 2003; Th.M. 2003)

Dr. Grant Brodrecht (MACH 2000)

Jason Carter (M.Div. 2002)

Kwang Hyun Cho (Th.M. 2009)

JP Conway (M.Div. 2007)

Jeanne DeFazio (MAR 2004)

Stephanie L. Derrick (MAR; MACH 2009)

Michael P. Friday (D.Min. 2007)

Jim Gulledge (D.Min. 2004)

Dr. Arto S. Hamalainen (D. Min. 2005)

Paul Hoffman (M.Div. 2003)

Mark A. Jennings (MABL 2005)

Matthew Kim (M.Div. 2002)

Ryan Lokkesmoe (MANT 2008)

Dr. Michael McGarry ( M.Div. 2005; D.Min. 2014)

Matthew Messner (D.Min. 2005)

Jonathan A. Moo (MAOT 2004; MANT 2004)

Richard Noble (D.Min. 2004; M.Div. 1995)

Priscilla Oh (MAEM 2006)

Lubomir Ondrasek (M.Div. 2003)

Steve Paulus (D. Min. 2005)

Dr. Cristina Richie (M.Div. 2009)

Charles L. Tieszen (Th.M. ’06; M.Div ’05)

Jennifer Trafton (MATH 2000)

Rev. Terri Vilagos (M.Div. 2008)

Dr. Steven Witmer (M.Div. & MATH 2003)

Books By Alumni Who Graduated 1990-1999

Paul Brown (1997)

Karelynne Gerber Ayayo (MAME 1999, MANT 1999)

Juan Hernandez (M.Div. 1998; Th.M. 2000)

Christopher Hutchinson (M.Div. 1995)

Kevin McKee (D.Min. 1996)

Dr. Robert Morris (D.Min. 1996)

Daniel J. Nicewonger (M.Div. 1995)

Dr. Sandra Richter (MATH ’90)

Ken Shigematsu (M.Div. 1995)

Books By Alumni Who Graduated 1980-1989

Kenneth J. Barnes (MATS 1989)

Glenn A. Barth, Jr. (M.Div. 1984)

Vinny Carbone (MATH 1986)

Phil Corr (M.Div. 1981)

David A. Currie (M.Div. 1984)

Ed Gaskin (M.Div. 1986)

Scott M. Gibson (M.Div. 1983)

Tom Hobson (M.Div. 1983)

Stephen Macchia (M.Div. 1983; D.Min. 2001)

Frank Martin (M.Div. 1984)

John McGeorge (M.Div. 1985)

Thomas Russell (M.Div. 1980)

Christopher R. Smith (MATS 1988)

Kevin Yoho (M.Div. 1981)

Books By Alumni Who Graduated 1970-1979

Edwin Kenerson (MARE 1978)

Oxana Lapchuk (MRE 1975)

Jeffrey J. Niehaus (M.Div. 1979)

Dr. James A. Patterson (M.Div. 1973)

Rev. Dr. Nigel Scotland (M.Div. 1970)

Dr. Sanford Zensen (M.Div. 1976)

Books By Alumni Who Graduated 1960-1969

William H. Griffith (M.Div. 1964)

Books By Alumni Who Graduated 1950-1959

Donald L. Roberts (M.Div. 1959)

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