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Master of Theology (thm)

The Master of Theology (THM) is a one-year capstone degree designed for students who have completed a Master of Divinity or some academic MAs. The THM provides advanced, specialized preparation for Christian ministry or doctoral work. Nine areas of concentration are available through the three academic divisions.


Biblical Studies

Ancient Languages & Cultures

New Testament

Old Testament

Christian Thought

Church History


World Missions / Intercultural Studies

Practical Theology

Bible Exposition & Preaching

Pastoral Theology

Program Goals

  • To gain greater competence in an academic discipline by employing the most valuable research methods and resources for that area of concentration.
  • To sharpen skills in interpretation and understanding of God’s inerrant Word, as it applies to the area of concentration.
  • To carry out the specialized studies within the highest tradition of Christian scholarship with rigor and excellence.
  • To engage with contemporary issues in the area of concentration from the framework of a biblical worldview.
  • To formulate productive questions for further investigation in an academic discipline, so as to prepare for Ph.D. studies.


24 Credit Hours (8 Courses)

Foundational Courses (Core Requirements)*

Academic Research & Writing Course
Concentration Course
Concentration Course
Concentration Course
Concentration Course
Concentration Course
Thesis/Capstone Course (6 credits)

6-credit thesis OR 1 concentration + 1 capstone course.

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