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Gordon-Conwell offers global education courses designed to meet requirements for a range of degree programs. Over the next several years, these courses will be offered in all three divisions: Biblical Studies, Christian Thought, and Ministry of the Church.

Globalized Seminary curriculum enables students to:

  • Cultivate a global lens for future teaching, preaching, and ministry.
  • Learn course material in situ, allowing for deeper understanding
  • Discover new global needs and opportunities for mission and service.
  • Strengthen their cultural knowledge, sensitivities, and competence.
  • Develop a stronger appreciation for the Global Church.

Alumni and friends of the seminary are very welcome to participate in these courses to deepen their own understanding and knowledge. Learn more about the upcoming trips below.

Religions on the Silk Road The Irish Imagination

In the Footsteps of John & Paul

Journeys of Paul Israel & Jordan

Student Reflections

Dawn Mackey (MAR & MAME ’15)

Hometown: Wheatley Heights, Long Island, NY
Education: Harvard University, BA Comparative Study of Religion
Global Education Course: Religions on the Silk Road

This was truly a once-­in-a­- lifetime opportunity, to travel along the Silk Road in Uzbekistan and Turkey while learning about the religious history passing through these historic trade routes and experiencing a bit of what life on the Silk Road would have been. The personal growth, unique experiences on the field, and hands-­on learning are worth much more than the cost of the trip. In fact, I was amazed by how much we were able to see, learn, and experience, and this was easily a major highlight of my education thus far. It also is helping to confirm my sense of call in the area of missions. I would urge any and every student to take an opportunity like this to study aboard. There are some things that simply can’t be learned in a classroom.

You also can’t learn to make hand-­pulled noodles, dumplings, and traditional Uzbek food or watch the process of silk carpet weaving, ceramic making, or wood carving back in a Boston classroom. You cannot sleep in a yurt camp in the desert, ride a camel, and experience any other small piece of the Silk Road traders’ caravan experience back home!


Joshua Hudson (MDiv ’15)

Hometown: Memphis, TN
Education: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, BA Philosophy and Religion
Global Education Course: Religions on the Silk Road

Global Education significantly broadens your understanding of how God works in different contexts. It also allows immersion into other cultures with differing beliefs, which can challenge stereotypes and increase perspectives. I honestly felt that I learned more than in a traditional classroom. Being immersed in the history and culture of the locations we were studying added a level of depth that is very hard to replicate. It gave new insights into the readings and certainly kept the discussion topics fresh.

Spencer Kyle Johnson (MDiv ’15)

Hometown: Chattanooga, TN
Education: Houghton College, BA Bible and Humanities double major, Political Science minor
Global Education Course: Religions on the Silk Road

I am absolutely returning an adamant apologist for this course and other Global Education program opportunities. Opportunities like this are crucial for ministry leaders in the 21st century. We cannot afford to be disconnected from the rest of the world.


Regina Pei Chan (ThM ’15)

Hometown: New York City
Education: Brown University, BA Biology
Global Education Course: Religions on the Silk Road

There is so much to explore and learn in God’s diverse world, and studying abroad through the global education courses is an unparalleled way to bring our seminary education to life in a broader context. The global perspective gained by seeing, tasting, and touching the world beyond the classroom and library is invaluable to our futures as lay and professional ministers and educators, especially in our rapidly-globalizing world.

Contact Information

Global Courses at the Master’s Level

Every year, several global courses are offered which fulfill required or elective credits for master’s-level degree programs. General questions can be directed to Laura Carmer (Director of Global Education) at [email protected].

Questions about specific courses can be directed to the faculty member teaching the course.

Global Residencies in the DMin Track

For further information about DMin tracks with global residencies, please contact Ivette Garcia in the DMin office at [email protected] or (978) 646-4163.

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