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Israel and Jordan Study Seminar

Global Education Course In Israel and Jordan
Dates: January 4-17, 2024 (This course has been postponed due to the current situation in Israel.)
OT/NT-523: Study Seminar in Israel and Jordan
Professor: Dr. Tom Petter & Dr. David Palmer
Course Fee:

In the tradition initiated by Dr. Robert Cooley and continued by Dr. Gary Pratico, Gordon-Conwell study tours provide a distinctive and unique synthesis of archaeological expertise along with exegetical and theological context into the lands where the history of redemption find its roots. An essential component of a study tour includes contextualized graduate-level instruction on the archaeology of visited sites. This hands-on immersion exposes participants to the relevant settlement histories of the site, including the diagnostic material culture. On site discussions may include the significance of long-distance trade, tribal warfare, the pastoral-nomadic lifestyle, the emergence of urban centers, landscape and climate as well as other factors that contributed to understanding life in the southern Levant/Palestine during the biblical periods.

These rich historical foundations pave the way for in depth exegetical, biblical-theological, ethnographic and missional implications.  By our presence in the lands of the Bible, we become an eyewitness of the stage upon which the God who Acts revealed Himself in Scripture.  As a result, integration of history, theology and application (“living out” the Scripture) is a constant priority, which in some cases, may also include missional exposure into the contemporary situation in the Middle East.

The study seminar is also open to relatives of students, alumni, and friends of the seminary.

*There may be minor adjustments to the trip fee closer to departure. The fee does, however, represent the actual cost per person for airline tickets (from an East Coast gateway city), on-the-ground transportation, accommodations and food, with no built-in profit for the Seminary. Please note tuition, student services fees, and audit fees are not included in this amount and will be billed separately.