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**Other MAs include: Biblical Languages, Christian Ministries, Church History, NT, OT, Religion, Theological Studies, Urban Ministry, and many more.

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Erin Crider (MDiv '15)

“The training in Biblical languages that I received at Gordon-Conwell has proven vitally important, equipping me to reflect more precisely on the theology and early history of the church. I also appreciated the wide range of confessional traditions represented at Gordon-Conwell. It’s so important to see beyond the local congregation where we serve and appreciate the rich fellowship of Christians around the world and across history, who together are the Church.”

— Erin Crider (MDiv ’15)

Troy Keen (MDiv '17)

“Having so many ministry resources to complement my real-world experience provides me with a unique frame of reference that I regularly draw from when deciding how to approach a particular situation at work… I continue to rely heavily and often on my Gordon-Conwell education and resources for effectiveness and impact. What a blessing that I get to bring it to bear every day!”

— Troy Keen (MDiv ’17)

Rachel Hastings (MAOT & MANT ’20)

“Gordon-Conwell provided me with both the breadth and depth that I needed to be able to do my job effectively…Having training in subjects like Aramaic, LXX (Septuagint) studies, hermeneutics, and church history has been integral in my ability to understand the landscape surrounding the books that I acquire and develop.”

— Rachel Hastings (MAOT & MANT ’20)

Matt Warren (MACO & MDiv '14)

“Gordon-Conwell gave me a model for engaging in the work of counseling from an integrative perspective so that–whatever the context and whatever the role–as a counselor, I can bring both theological depth and clinical insight into my understanding of the work.”

— Matt Warren (MACO & MDiv ’14)

Stephen Witmer (MDiv & ThM '03)

“Gordon-Conwell’s high view of the authority of Scripture and its strong and enduring commitment to faithful study and communication of the Bible has had a major impact on me.”

— Stephen Witmer (MDiv & ThM ’03)

Joseph Byamukama (MDiv '20)

“Gordon-Conwell gave me the necessary skills to handle Scripture and to teach it to others…My seminary notes and syllabi are my starting point when looking for trusted resources to respond to varied ministry questions.”

— Joseph Byamukama (MDiv ’20)

Michelle Sanchez (MDiv & ThM '09)

“I marvel at how often I refer to my learnings from particular classes and experiences when preaching sermons, launching new ministries, and leading my denomination.”

— Michelle Sanchez (MDiv & ThM ’09)

Valerie Ostenbrock (MDiv ’14, ThM ‘15)

“Going to Gordon-Conwell was one of the best decisions I ever made, and we thank God for our Gordon-Conwell education. I learned so much from professors both in classes and outside of classes; I was mentored and spiritually formed by the community at GCTS, including the Pierce Fellowship; I was encouraged and humbled by the many international peers we had at Gordon-Conwell, and overall, I was very well-equipped to teach and train students at STS.”

— Valerie Ostenbrock (MDiv ’14, ThM ‘15)

Notable Alumni

Nicole Martin (DMin ’14)

Chief Impact Officer, Christianity Today

Timothy Keller (MDiv ’75)

Author and Founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC

Tish Harrison Warren (MATH ’09)

Author and Anglican Priest

Edwin Aponte (MATS ’82)

Dean, Drew University Theological School

Gregory Todd (DMin ’09)

President and Professor of Missiology

Gerald Hector (MACT ’17)

Senior VP for Administration and Finance, University of Central Florida