Webinar: Against Heresy in the Church: Sound Doctrine

People often throw the term 'heresy' around pretty lightly in reference to anything that might be a little off. But what actually is heresy and why is it something the church has take so seriously? Join us and learn about the famous heresies and how we can spot and avoid them today. We invite you […]

Preaching to People in Pain – 2021 Dean’s Forums

Dr. Matthew Kim will speak about his new book, Preaching to People in Pain, which offers an important corrective to a pain-averse culture that celebrates individualism and success. Witnessing the weekly struggles of broken parishioners and making sense of his own pain as a follower of Jesus, he will encourage the GCTS community not to avoid […]

Upcoming Shifts in Marriage – 2021 Dean’s Forums

Millennials are waiting longer to marry, and raising the age of a first marriage as a way of reducing their risk of divorce. They are also cohabitating before marriage and often buying a home together before marriage as a way of minimizing expenses. We will look at some of the changes this brings to the […]