Counseling Programs

Integrate your Christian faith with the best of psychology and clinical training to provide whole-person care in formal or informal settings.


Hamilton, MA

Residential program based in Hamilton, MA

CACREP Accredited

Optional MACO/MDIV dual enrollment opportunity


Charlotte, NC

Digital & residential hybrid program based in Charlotte, NC

CACREP Accredited

Lay Counseling

Charlotte | 100% Remote

Focused training for non-clinical practitioners.

Based in Charlotte, NC or 100% Remote

Counseling Faculty

Dr. Carolina Benitez

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Dr. Christopher Cook

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Dr. Pam Davis

Associate Professor of Counseling, Director of the Counseling Program at Charlotte

Dr. Angie Kim

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Dr. Kateryna Kuzubova

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Dr. Vickey Maclin

Associate Director of Graduate Programs in Counseling (Charlotte)

Dr. Karen Mason

Professor of Counseling and Psychology, Director of the Hamilton Counseling Department

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