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Tuition and Fees - Jacksonville

Tuition rates and fees for the Jacksonville campus are listed below. Please note that rates and fees are subject to change. For tuition information for our other campuses, please visit the Hamilton, Boston and Charlotte Financial Aid pages.


2014-2015 Tuition Rates:



Per Credit Hour $466

Per 3-Credit Course


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2014-2015 Other Rates and Fees:

Cohort Program Tuition Rates

Click here to learn more about this tuition package.
2014-2015 Incoming Cohort $3,499 per Fall and Spring semester

2013-2014 Incoming Cohort

$3,255 per Fall and Spring semester
2012-2013 Incoming Cohort $3,000 per Fall and Spring semester

Other Tuition Rates

Official Audit $150 per course

Services Fees:

Fall, Spring, Summer $100 per semester
Semlink+ (online courses only) $105 per course
Partnership (Partnership students only) $500 per semester

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2013-2014 Tuition Rates:

Net Tuition Prices


First 3 Credit Hours

Each Additional Credit Hr

Summer 2013

$419/hour $334/hour

Fall 2013

$433/hour $350/hour

Spring 2014

$433/hour $350/hour

Summer 2014

$433/hour $350/hour

Based on these net tuition rates, students can use the following worksheet to calculate their tuition per session (Fall, Spring and Summer):

Net Tuition Calculation Worksheet Shown Per Session

Number of Courses

Cost for Each 3-Credit Course

Average Cost per 3-Credit Course

1 Course



2 Courses

$2,349 $1,174

3 Courses

$3,399 $1,133

4 Courses

$4,449 $1,112

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Payment of Bills

Please visit our Student Accounts page for more information.