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Director or Program Coordinator of Advanced Urban Church and Ministry Studies

Function: This person is responsible for coordinating program delivery, assessment and other activities related to Advanced Urban Church and Ministry Studies at the Boston campus. This position primarily supports the Master of Theology (Th.M.) in Practical Theology and other related program tracks such as the graduate certificate programs at the Center of Urban Ministerial Education (Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary- Boston campus). This person will report to the Dean while providing program leadership in coordinating all activities pertaining to the promotion, recruitment and implementation of the program activities. The position involves teaching several graduate courses per academic year according to an area of expertise. If a person is selected as the coordinator, approved faculty or adjunct status for the courses may be required prior to starting the position.  
     The person is expected to be able to work during the day, evenings and Saturdays with a variety of constituents and facilitate program evaluation research related to the program. Participation and teaching in community events will be required for the person holding this position. We will consider individuals who understands leadership, possesses a track record for providing leadership within the urban context, and possesses advanced knowledge and skills for urban church and ministry studies. This position also involves assessment, research, and analysis for reporting and publications in their area of expertise, aligning with the campus’s emphasis on practical theology and ministry. The Boston campus is looking for a person that meets the qualifications and requirements to begin either in July 2015.


  • Possess a PhD or Professional Doctorate or Doctor of Ministry (or be in the process of earning one of these degrees) in the social or human sciences or in practical theology.
  • A practical theologian with expertise in urban church or urban ministry related specializations.
  • Research skills and interest in a related theological discipline with the ability to integrate an interdisciplinary approach with a Christian worldview.
  • Possess a Master of Divinity, a comparable seminary degree, or the equivalent theological education and/or training.
  • Five or more years of practical experience in human services and/or Christian ministry in program administration, management, leadership, urban ministry, community development, mission, and/or community outreach.


  • Possesses strong evangelical faith and Christian character, with a readiness to sign the Seminary’s Articles Statement, the Community Life Statement, C.U.M.E. Philosophy of Theological Education, Approach to Urban Ministry, and be able to support the Mission of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.
  • Possesses leadership and administrative skills that are appropriate for Christian community outreach (or urban) ministry within a church and/or mission agency setting.
  • Possesses graduate-level teaching skills and experience in a seminary or a graduate school that is the equivalent to theological education instruction.
  • Knowledge of church and community systems with skills in the application of systems theory or system thinking from a disciplinary perspective.
  • Possess skills to provide leadership in program planning, management, and assessment in graduate theological education, and the community service or human services field.


  • Assist Admissions Office in the promotion and recruitment of student participants from churches, mission agencies, and Christian organization that meet the admissions requirement for advanced graduate studies.
  • Plan and coordinate all of the scheduled activities needed for course delivery and implementation in advanced urban church and ministry studies.
  • Coordinate scheduled communication activities for program participants, teaching instructors, and personnel within or in collaboration with Gordon-Conwell.
  • Teach at least two to four courses per year in a respective area within their field.
  • Coordinate orientation, the dissemination of information, material distribution and resources development for program participants, including faculty, personnel and students.
  • Coordinate program assessment and evaluation activities in cooperation with the Dean’s Office.
  • Assist the Dean and Assistant Dean with related campus events, program development and delivery for the GCTS Boston campus.


  • Communicate and promote the vision, mission, and goals of GCTS and CUME.
  • Function as a member of the Dean’s administrative leadership team.
  • Use internet technology or web-based systems to delivery theological education.
  • Work cross-culturally with multiple ethnic and diverse groups.
  • Conduct/support action-research that contributes to CUME’s publications, a field in Christian ministry, and innovative practice.
  • Ability to work days, evenings, and Saturdays and travel to off-site locations.

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