Byington Scholarships - Employment

Byington Scholarship Information

Byington Scholarships are paid assistant positions to the Gordon-Conwell faculty. These are awarded to students through an application process each March. Application information may be obtained through the Dean’s office. There are about 30 scholarships available yearly.

The Byington Scholar Program is named for Dr. Edwin H. Byington, a former professor of the Seminary, and exists to give high-ranking students training and experience in working closely with faculty members. The following policies and procedures apply to the program:

Those eligible to serve as Byington Scholars must be students in good standing, not on academic probation or under discipline by the Guidance Committee, and must enroll for at least one credit course toward a degree in the semester in which service as a Byington Scholar is rendered. Graduates of Gordon-Conwell are not normally eligible to hold a position unless they are pursuing a second degree and are enrolled in courses accordingly.

Normally, Byington Scholars are students who have completed at least one year of studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and who have demonstrated academic competence and research abilities.

Time of Service
The typical length of service for a Byington Scholar is both the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. Occasionally, a Byington Scholar may serve for one semester only upon request by the directing faculty member. Byington Scholars may not serve for more than one professor at a time.

Byington Scholars serve for 60 hours per semester, typically broken into 4 hours a week for 15 weeks each semester (including reading and final exam weeks). No provision is made for summer work. Unless special arrangements are made by the directing professor and approved by the Academic Dean, the hours are expected to be logged regularly each week rather than accumulated to the end of the semester or semester breaks.

Student workers can work remotely only if their work is performed in MA, FL, NC and OH. They are not authorized to work outside of these states.

Byington Scholars are paid $900 a semester ($15 an hour for 60 hours). The stipend is considered income for service rendered and as such is subject to state and federal income tax deductions. The payroll department of the seminary handles the stipends. Checks are issued to the recipients at the mid-point in each semester.

Selection Process
Individual faculty members select Byington scholars on the basis of needs and research interest. Students are encouraged to speak directly to a faculty member to make known their interest in being that professor’s Byington Scholar, and to learn specifically what may be expected of them if selected. Individual faculty members may also approach a particular student and encourage him or her to apply to be his or her Byington Scholar.

Application forms are available in the Academic Dean’s office. After the faculty member selects his or her Byington Scholar, official notification will be sent by the Academic Dean to the student selected before the end of the spring semester preceeding the year of service. Those who apply but are not selected will also be notified of their status at that time.

Faculty Eligibility
All full-time faculty are eligible to have one Byington Scholar a year for the fall and spring semesters only. No provision is made for part-time teachers or adjunct professors to receive this benefit.


To apply, please complete an application through our Career Center.

All questions regarding The Byington Scholar Program may be directed to Johnny Ching at [email protected] or (978) 646-4029.