Student Job Openings

Finding a Job On Campus

Positions are available on campus for both work-study eligible students and non work-study students. In most cases, students secure on-campus positions once they arrive. Typical positions include: grounds workers, food services assistants, general maintenance workers, and library assistants. There are two ways to locate these positions:
  1. Open Student Worker positions are listed below. Please contact the supervisor listed to inquire about applying.
  2. Students may obtain the list of supervisors from the student employment board near the mailroom or through the Human Resources office. Once you have this list, go directly to the individuals and speak with them regarding available positions.

Open Positions

  • The Grounds department is looking for student workers to shovel for the upcoming winter.  To apply, please contact the Grounds Foreman at 978-646-4360.

To list a student worker position here please notify the Human Resources office and provide the type of position, department, and supervisor contact information. 


Student Eligibility

All student employees must be eligible to work in the United States, and we are required to verify everyone’s eligibility.

To work on campus, you will need the following items:

  • I-9 Form Verification: The I-9 form is used for verifying eligibility to work in the United States. In order to work on campus, you must complete an I-9. For this form, certain documentation is required. Individuals usually use a drivers license and Social Security card or a passport for verification. International students usually use their passport and I-94 for verification. There are other acceptable documents for working on campus; please contact us for details.
  • Social Security Number: All students are required to have a Social Security number prior to beginning their work on campus. International (F-1 visa) students must contact the International Student Advisor for assistance in obtaining a Social Security number, if they do not already have one. Click here for more information about receiving a Social Security card as an F-1 visa student.

International (F-1 visa) Students

For questions about the requirements procedures for international (F-1) students working on campus, click here.