Hamilton Staff Openings

Dean of Students

Function: Under the guidance of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Dean of Students is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and supportive environment and culture that synthesizes the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of students in a holistic way.  The Dean of Students serves the Hamilton Campus, primarily, and supports the other three campuses as needed and appropriate.  This individual designs, implements and evaluates strategies and programs that are guided by the student service philosophy of the Seminary for areas in housing and residence life, international students, campus safety, student association and community life/ethos, and is a designated member of the President’s Leadership Team. 

Capabilities Required:

It is preferred that the incumbent possess a Master’s degree in education or another related area. A minimum of five years working in student affairs/higher education or related area is required. He/she must possess prior experience in developing, coordinating and directing student development at the undergraduate or graduate level. This individual must have an appreciation for cooperative decision-making and team work, and the ability to develop and manage multiple projects.

A solid understanding of and proactive approach to student development and student life services is required. It is very important that the Dean of Students be adept in strong empathy skills with an intuitive grasp of how to interpret human behavior. Having a demonstrated skill and effectiveness in leadership and in human relations with a sensitivity to and knowledge of multicultural issues and diverse student population needs are essential. Excellent analytical, problem solving, organizational, written and oral communication and listening skills are required. The Dean of Students must be in clear agreement with the defining commitments of the Seminary as set forth in the Statement of Faith, Mission Statement and Community Life Statement. They should reflect a deep commitment to Christ that is evident in their daily work.

Use of Capabilities: (Illustrated by typical activities)

  • Serves as a point person for student life information and management.
  • Provides leadership, consistent with the Seminary ethos, to the Student Life Team in strategic planning, program assessment, and evaluation.
  • Manages departments and supervises staff and programs that provide student and campus-wide support services: Campus Safety, Student Housing and International Student/Transitional Services.
  • Ensures compliance and provides counsel to all Seminary campuses on various student services and student life issues. Serves as Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Officer.
  • Provides leadership and is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and regulations of the Seminary as they pertain to students, including internal Seminary disciplinary procedures.  Maintains and updates the student life section of the Student Handbook and provides counsel in the revision of the apartment and dorm housing manuals, International Student Handbook, Out and About Handbook and the Campus Guide to Auto & Public Safety Regulations.
  • Recruits, trains, supervises/mentors and evaluates the apartment and dormitory Residence Life Coordinators.
  • Designs, directs and coordinates programs and interventions to provide service to all students and their families, which promote quality of student life consistent with the Seminary ethos. Helps establish a student culture where diversity is encouraged and where students learn to respect differences, take responsibility for their actions, and exercise leadership.
  • Counsels with students on a variety of personal, spiritual and disciplinary matters, and refers students to other appropriate persons or agencies as necessary. Provides leadership to the Pastoral Guidance Committee, which provides counsel and support to students, and conducts informal hearings in addressing student matters that require disciplinary action.
  • Collaborates with faculty in promoting student success and development through co-curricular events and other student activities.
  • Coordinates the fall and spring New Student Orientation and is a member of the Commencement Committee.
  • Manages, advises and counsels the Student Association and its various committees in planning and implementing student events.
  • Develops and manages annual budgets, as well as oversees budgets for departments within Student Life.
  • Serves as the Seminary’s primary person on call to respond to crisis situations involving students.  Serves as a member of the Seminary’s Crisis Management Team.
  • Provides other services, counsel and resourcing as requested by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

Please email your resume and cover letter to lbowerman@gcts.edu.

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Communications Specialist/Project Manager

Position Summary: Under the broad supervision of the Director of Communications and Marketing, will assess traffic needs in order to properly delegate projects to team members based on current workload. Will also act as lead writer/editor for the majority of seminary publications.

Skills Required: Strong writing, editing and organizational skills; must be detail oriented and have a proven record of self-initiation and follow-through; and the experience and ability to interact professionally with, administration, faculty, staff and students. Bachelor’s degree in Communications, English, Writing or related field and 2-3 years experience or equivalent combination of education and experience required. Strong facility with computers required; facility with Mac technology preferred; project management experience helpful.


1.) Act as Lead Project Manager for all Communications and Marketing projects

  • Keep all departmental projects moving smoothly
  • Maintain contact with internal clients, communicating project progress
  • Through consistent contact and institutional understanding, anticipates internal client needs before they ask.
  • Continue to improve traffic system and project management process
  • Work with Director to balance workload and advocate for appropriate project timelines
  • Manage and code invoices
  • Maintain workload data for reporting

2.) Write and edit various pieces for print publications, seminary website and electronic communication.

  • Write and edit a wide variety of publications for external and internal use, such as brochures, manuals, flyers, invitations, programs, handbooks, manuals, posters, forms, business cards and other printed items.
  • Maintain faculty publicity files, write and distribute faculty biographical sketches and photographs, as needed.

3.) Serve as internal liaison for NetCommunity email communication campaigns
4.) Coordinate Contact & Annual Report mailing list with Advancement Department.
5.) Perform all other related duties as required or requested by Director.

Please email your resume and cover letter to lbowerman@gcts.edu.

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Part-Time Doctor of Ministry Financial Services Assistant Job Description
Description: This position assists financial services for the Doctor of Ministry program and operates under the supervision of the Assistant Director of Student Accounts. Responsibilities include but are not limited to assisting with preparation of statements, monitoring overdue accounts, developing payment plans, responding to student inquiries, collecting financial aid applications and overseeing instructional information such as orientation materials and guidelines on the website. This position is a non-benefit eligible, part-time position up to 19 hours per week.

Qualifications: The Doctor of Ministry Financial Services Assistant must have strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills including the ability to work in a team setting across various departments, attention to multiple details and advanced computer skills. The incumbent should possess a minimum of an undergraduate degree and previous accounting experience as well as a strong work ethic and the ability to maintain high levels of confidentiality.

Job Duties:

A. Statements

  • Assist with preparation of statements to distribute to students attending residency
  • Send monthly statements

B. Overdue accounts

  • Monitor accounts on a quarterly basis to determine overdue status
  • Send notices to all accounts past due over 90 days
  • Call students with accounts in overdue status
  • Review accounts of students in residency to ensure account is current
  • Call students with overdue accounts prior to residency
  • Flag student accounts on hold (i.e., no transcripts, no further registration) in the system and notify the Doctor of Ministry office

C. Payment Plans

  • Set up Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payment plans when necessary
  • Maintain a payment plan database and monitor monthly
  • Notify the Doctor of Ministry office when a payment booklet needs to be sent in place of a monthly EFT
  • Contact students who default on a payment plan and notify Doctor of Ministry to determine next steps (i.e., withdrawl, etc.)

D. Student contact

  • Answer questions by direct contact, telephone or email
  • Accept payments
  • Inform students of payment policies and payment options
  • Collect financial aid information and when complete, forward applications to the Financial Aid office for recommendation
  • Attend residency when requested to discuss payment guidelines

E. Miscellaneous

  • Process paperwork required for military reimbursements
  • Post transactions for meal plans, postage, corrections and adjustments to accounts
  • Oversee Financial Services information on the Blackboard website
  • Maintain orderly student account files

Please email your resume and cover letter to lbowerman@gcts.edu.

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Director of Human Resources

Function: Under the direction of the Vice President for Finance and Operations/Chief Financial Officer is responsible for leading the seminary’s human resources, payroll and student employment functions for all campuses, and developing and administering human resource, payroll and student employment policies, programs and services in an equitable and legally sound fashion, which are in alignment and in keeping with the mission and objectives of the seminary. Serves on the President’s Leadership Team and as Salary Administrator for staff employees, Plan Administrator for all benefit plans, and as a resource to leadership, supervisors and employees on all human resource, payroll and student employment matters.  Effectively leads and represents the Office of Human Resources and strives to develop and maintain positive employee relations and build community in support of the educational activities and mission objectives of the seminary.

Capabilities: The incumbent must possess a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of human resource management supported by advanced training, experience and education (Bachelor’s degree or SHRM certification preferred), as well as 10 or more years of management and supervisory experience and relational leadership abilities. Must be an adept communicator (verbal and written) and possess advanced employee relations  skills necessary to deal effectively and graciously with members of administration, the Board of Trustees, staff, faculty, students, and general public; be capable of handling matters pro actively; be able to maintain and protect issues of confidentiality; be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite as well as HRIS/Payroll system technologies (ADP Workforce Now preferred); possess expertise in all aspects of benefits administration; have an acute awareness and comprehension of federal and state labor and benefit laws and regulatory compliance, as well as a full understanding of seminary policies and objectives. Must be in agreement with the GCTS Statement of Faith, Community Life Statement and Mission Statement.

Use of Capabilities (Illustrated by typical activities):

  • Develops, modifies, recommends and applies human resource policies and procedures. Handles communicating and interpreting these policies and procedures to employees. Ensures consistent application of all policies to provide for fair and equitable treatment of all employees to limit the seminary's exposure to potential liability and to foster positive employee relations.
  • Ensures compliance with all state and federal labor laws and regulations including, but not limited to the FLSA, FMLA, OSHA, ADEA, COBRA, ADA, Civil Right Acts, EEO, IRCA of 1986,IRC and PPACA.  Handles developing policies and management practices in conformance with these statutes and oversees the filing of necessary governmental and agency reports.
  • Directs the employment program at the staff level including overseeing the recruitment, interviewing and selection of candidates for all exempt and non exempt positions. In conjunction with the Assistant Director of Human Resources and hiring manager, selects final candidate and approves (with the VP/CFO) all offers of employment. Ensures that seminary policies on equal employment opportunity and non discrimination are upheld in relation to the employment function, while striving to meet the seminary’s desire for improved diversity of our workforce.
  • Serves as Plan Administrator for all benefit programs; liaisons with plan representative, negotiates rates, designs benefit plan structure and handles communication with employees. Ensures seminary benefit programs are cost effective, competitive, clearly communicated, administered in an equitable manner, and meet employee recruitment and retention goals. Oversees the administration of these plans in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 
  • Ensures there are stream-lined and integrated systems and information sharing between human resource, payroll, student employment, accounting and seminary-wide functions – to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce redundancy and improve the access to HR services and resources.
  • Involved in all aspects of performance management, disciplinary and termination issues as it relates to consistent application of policies, fairness, documentation and assisting supervisors in effectively handling performance difficulties and setting standards for improvement. Assists in employee retirement planning by providing guidance and resources on pertinent issues.
  • Oversees the performance appraisal system. Develops new system and procedures as appropriate and works with supervisors in managing employee performance.
  • Works with the administration in creating and sustaining positive employee relations, communication, involvement and spiritual development. Handles employee concerns, suggestions and grievances. Provides effective employee assistance as required or requested for resolution of problems and to enhance the morale of seminary staff. Orchestrates periodic All Staff Meetings on the Hamilton campus.
  • Administers the staff salary administration program; ensures the integrity of the system, oversees the maintenance of job descriptions, and manages the evaluation of new or revised positions for placement in the salary grade structure; maintains the salary grade structure and recommends changes as appropriate. Develops and implements strategic compensation systems for staff to support the seminary's short and long-range objectives.
  • Oversees the Payroll management function to ensure accurate, timely and efficient processing of pay for all faculty, staff and student employees.
  • Broadly oversees the student employment function. Develops, in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Human Resources, student employment policies and procedures to fulfill student staffing needs of seminary departments and to aid in the recruitment and retention of seminary students. Creates pay standards, employment guidelines and systems to ensure efficient information flow between seminary offices and equity between student employees and departments.
  • Broadly oversees the service award program for staff, faculty and administration. In conjunction with the HR/Payroll Administrator, develops annual budget, manages the gift selection and ordering process, and provides opportunities to appropriately recognizing employee service.
  • Responsible for designing and executing a training program for supervisors and staff employees to educate employees, to facilitate the development of skills required by seminary objectives, ensure legal compliance, and to assist in the overall motivation, development and retention of employees.
  • Provides guidance in the area of health and safety. Oversees the workers' compensation insurance program ensuring the required filing of accident and injury reports, and reports to the Department of Industrial Accidents.
  • Handles all appropriate budgetary issues for the human resources cost center, and resources the development of annual budgets for benefit program expenditures.
  • Leads, mentors and evaluates Human Resources Team members: the Assistant Director of Human Resources and the HR/Payroll Administrator.  Leads weekly team meetings and sets individual and team-based goals for continuous improvement.
  • Develops short and long-range human resources plans and objectives, work group policies and procedures, while striving for continuous team improvement in all areas.
  • At the President’s discretion, may support the work of the Executive Compensation & Institutional Benefits Committee of the Board of Trustees under the guidance of the President and Committee Chair.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.

Please email your resume and cover letter to lbowerman@gcts.edu.

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