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Part-Time Maintenance Worker

Position Description:

Under the broad supervision of Superintendent of Plant Operations, performs a wide variety of routine maintenance and preventive maintenance tasks independently and assists in the accomplishment of more complex maintenance, repair, custodial duties as assigned, moving or other jobs. 
Capabilities Required:
The incumbent must have an aptitude and three to five or more years experience in the maintenance and/or installation of utility systems including experience in several of the following trades: plumbing, electrical, HVAC (air conditioning and heating), carpentry and the interest and ability to learn and become proficient in additional maintenance  procedures.

Use of Capabilities:  (Illustrated by typical activities)

1.     Performs routine and requested inspections of plumbing fixtures and components, identifies problems, performs minor repairs, reports problems not able to correct of which require planning, scheduling or parts procurement.  Assists in plumbing repairs.

2.     Performs inspections and other preventive maintenance tasks on boilers, pumps, water circulators, valves, fan controls and other system components.  Performs minor repairs, reports major problems and/or potential problems and assists in the correction of it.

3.     Performs specified routine checks and inspections of air conditioning and airhandling systems and related components; changes filters and belts; reports other problems, or incipient problems and assists in the correction of it.

4.     Collects and disposes of rubbish and materials set-aside for disposal.

5.     Makes minor carpentry repairs.  Also assists with major cleaning projects and floor refinishing as assigned.

6.     Assists in snow removal and in periodic major cleaning projects and floor refinishing as assigned.      

7.     Keeps all assigned equipment clean and in proper repair

8.     Clears routine clogs or jams in toilets, sinks, urinals, disposals and floor drains as needed.  Assists in the clearing of major sewer line blockages and repairs.

9.     Makes routine inspections and tests of electrical systems and components; routinely replaces light bulbs, fuses, light covers and other minor system elements; reports major recurring problems and assists electrician in the repair or replacement of system components and in the installation of new systems or equipment as required.

10.  Monitors environmental conditions and equipment used to control the environment   in buildings and makes appropriate adjustment in thermostat or control valve setting and instructs occupants in maintaining desired comfort levels where appropriate.

11.  Accomplishes routine maintenance or other requests of all types as requested and approved; refers other verbal request to Physical Plant Office for appropriate action.

12.  Cleans, removes excess grease, rust or corrosion and when appropriate, paints or refinishes utility system components, building elements, vehicle components, tools or other items as needed and requested.

       13.  Provides general assistance in maintenance, renovations and relocation of projects as desired.

14.  Receives, procures and/or moves supplies, furniture and equipment and performs other tasks as directed and required. 

15.  Responds to emergency calls outside of normal working hours and participates in the rotating on-call schedule.

16.  Performs all work in a safe manner; cleans up debris when job is completed or at the end of the day; follows accepted safety practices and precautions; corrects or recommends corrective action for any unsafe conditions encountered or observed in a timely manner; safeguards GCTS tools from loss, unauthorized use and other degrading factors.

17.  Provides occasional assistance to custodial or grounds  services and assists in projects in other areas within Physical Plant as needed.

Please email your resume and cover letter to lbowerman@gcts.edu.

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Part-Time Campus Safety Officer

Position Description:

Under the direct supervision of the Director of the Department of Public Safety, Campus Safety, a campus safety officer is responsible for enforcing the rules and policies of the Seminary, patrolling the building, grounds and perimeter of the campus to identify and prevent conditions and conditions hazardous to persons and property and to maintain the personal safety and security of the faculty, staff, students, visitors, and the public.

Basic uniforms are supplied at the expense of the Campus Safety Department.

The physical requirements for this job include walking long distances and standing for long periods of time. While patrolling the premises, the incumbent must be able safely to climb stairs and ladders, enter enclosed mechanical/equipment areas of buildings, and walk on roofs of buildings.

The environmental conditions of this job include working outdoors under all weather conditions.

A Campus Safety Officers is typically assigned to one of three shifts, but may be required to work on other shifts to meet operational needs. Because the Campus Safety Department provides services around the clock, 365 days a year, working on weekends and holidays and overtime is a requirement. This position is essential to the operation of the seminary, and may be required to be on-call and report to work during off-hours and during periods of inclement weather, including times when the seminary is officially closed.

Capabilities Required:
  1. Candidates with a police and/or military background are preferred.
  1. Candidates must be mature, responsible and able to remain calm and make decisions under pressure. They should have demonstrable interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with a variety of personalities and situations.
  1. Candidates must be able to maintain the strictest confidentiality in conformance with federal, state, school and department standards.
  1. Candidates should have and maintain active certifications in CPR and First Responder. If they do not, they must agree to participate in the first available certification class offered.
  1. Should it become a job requirement, candidates may also be required to become certified in the use of pepper spray and/or the expandable baton.
  1. Candidates are required to attend any mandatory departmental meetings.
  1. Candidates are expected to abide by the Seminary Community Life Statement and comply with all Seminary rules and regulations.
  1. Candidates must have a valid and active driver’s license.
  1. Some maintenance or building/mechanical background is preferred.

Use of Capabilities: (as illustrated by typical activities)

  1. Patrol campus on a regular basis and in a random manner.
  1. Perform periodic and random interior and exterior checks of all the buildings on the property. Points of access, such as doors and windows, shall be checked and verified that they are operating as intended, closed and/or secure. Mechanical systems, such as boilers and electrical rooms, inspected for safe and normal operation. Note and report any safety or operational problems for appropriate action.
  1. Inspect building for fire and/or safety code problems and report same for remedial action utilizing the seminary’s maintenance reporting system, School Dude.
  1. Educate the community about school policies and procedures and enforce the same.
  1. Respond to requests for public service and/or assistance (for example, lock-outs from rooms or vehicles, assisting guests arriving on campus, etc).
  1. Respond to calls for medical or psychological assistance.
  1. Investigate suspicious persons or vehicles and report as necessary.
  1. Maintain an accurate and complete log of shift activities and generate reports as appropriate.
  1. Assist at various school functions as needed, such as graduation, conferences, etc.
  1. Performs communication and shift operation duties.
  1. Follows, communicates and enforces the policies and procedures of the security department and seminary.
  1. Is responsible for security and authorization of restricted access keys. (i.e. ensuring the key boxes are secure in the Campus Safety office at all times)
  1. Assesses and resolves issues impacting the operations of the life/safety systems.
  1. Assesses and communicates issues affecting the operations of the computer-based security systems (i.e. CUME CCTV access from Campus Safety Office, parking data base).
  1. Informs and works with other departments regarding any safety and security situations in their areas.
  1. Responds to and investigates unusual events or incidents and provides follow-up.
  1. Responsible for timeliness and accuracy of daily patrol sheets, incident and accident reports.
  1. Coordinates emergency responses, and is responsible for the safety of faculty, staff, students, visitors and the public.  Coordinates with outside agencies, such as Hamilton and Wenham Police and Fire departments, Massachusetts State Police, Essex County Sheriff’s Department and Lyons Ambulance Service, as needed.
  1. Is accountable for all Campus Safety/seminary equipment on their respective shift.
  1. Participates in continued training of campus faculty, staff, and students including fire, security and lockdown drills.
  1. Provides proactive interaction with visitors and employees.
  1. Informs, educates and works with other department managers to insure that all safety and security issues are resolved.
  1. Works with Department of Public Safety Director and coordinates security efforts for special events.
  1. Provides special security assistance for other departments of the seminary as required.
  1. Ensures security and verification (DETEX Security Patrol) of seminary assets.
  1. Candidate must be willing to assist with minor maintenance responsibilities as assigned by the Director of Physical Plant and complete training with the Physical Plant department to learn and understand the operation of building systems.

Additional Requirements:

Full-time Campus Safety Officers will be required to perform the expected duties of the respective shifts for which they have been hired, see attachments:

  • Expected duties of Full-Time Day Shift Campus Safety Officer
  • Expected duties of Full-Time Evening Shift Campus Safety Officer
  • Expected duties of Full-Time Evening Shift Campus Safety Officer
Part-time Campus Safety Officers will be assigned an area of responsibility to assist in the smooth operation of the Campus Safety Department

Please email your resume and cover letter to lbowerman@gcts.edu.

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