Hamilton Staff Openings

Administrative Assistant, M.A. Counseling Department

Function: Under the direct supervision of the Administrator of the MACO Program, the Assistant supports the mission of the Seminary and the MACO Department by performing a variety of critical office duties and providing essential support to the Administrator and Department. This position is an important member of the MACO Departmental team by providing efficient, essential office administration and excellent service to both prospective and current students, faculty, staff and other individuals as needed. Due to strict confidentiality this position is not available to a current Gordon-Conwell student.

Capabilities Required:

The Assistant must possess solid administrative skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, a basic knowledge of and skills in the counseling field in general and the Gordon-Conwell program specifically, an ability to maintain strict confidentiality, computer skills including MS Office, Filemaker Pro, Microtest Q, and CPP Software, and a professional phone manner.

Use of Capabilities:

Current Students:

  • Process all practicum & internship paperwork, ensuring all forms are turned in and accurate in a timely manner.
  • Develop and maintain prospective and current student confidential files.
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of current and alumni student databases on Filemaker. Upkeep of MACO Sakai portal. 
  • Ensure proper amount of practicum & internship packets are available for students at all times. Make copies as needed.
  • Work with the Administrator to provide students with essential professional information, such as current licensing procedures, liability insurance, professional memberships and affiliations.

Admissions/Prospective Students:

  • Process prospective student psychological testing in a timely manner and supply Administrator with results to be reviewed with the Director of the Counseling Program for final decision.  Copies of admission status and filing of student testing.
  • Promptly score psychological testing for all D.Min. candidates and supply the Director of the Counseling Program with results. After Director’s review, distribute results and student testing files to South Hamilton D.Min. Office for processing.
  • Maintain proper amount of psychological testing supplies at all times for MACO, D.Min., and Psychological Testing Courses students. Work with Psych. Testing professor to arrange proper procedures for the administration and processing of students’ testing. Prepare folders with testing materials as requested by professor. 
  • Assist Administrator with preparations for and participation in Fall New MACO Student Orientation, Discover Gordon-Conwell, MACO Practicum/Internship Orientation and Graduate forums.


  • Maintain weekly schedules the Director of the Counseling Program and the Professor of Psychology and Counseling.
  • Attend weekly staff meetings and follow up on tasks assigned.


  • Daily office tasks, such as pick up and distribute office mail, make copies for MACO Administrator & Office as needed, respond to all phone calls and email requests.  
  • Coordinate payment of purchases by MACO Department, including completing purchase orders and securing any necessary approvals/signatures.  Keep records of all transactions.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by Administrator and MACO Professors.

Please email your resume and cover letter to Lbowerman@gcts.edu.

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Dean of Students

Function: Under the guidance of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Dean of Students is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and supportive environment and culture that synthesizes the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of students in a holistic way.  The Dean of Students serves the Hamilton Campus, primarily, and supports the other three campuses as needed and appropriate.  This individual designs, implements and evaluates strategies and programs that are guided by the student service philosophy of the Seminary for areas in housing and residence life, international students, campus safety, student association and community life/ethos, and is a designated member of the President’s Leadership Team. 

Capabilities Required:

It is preferred that the incumbent possess a Master’s degree in education or another related area. A minimum of five years working in student affairs/higher education or related area is required. He/she must possess prior experience in developing, coordinating and directing student development at the undergraduate or graduate level. This individual must have an appreciation for cooperative decision-making and team work, and the ability to develop and manage multiple projects. A solid understanding of and proactive approach to student development and student life services is required. It is very important that the Dean of Students be adept in strong empathy skills with an intuitive grasp of how to interpret human behavior. Having a demonstrated skill and effectiveness in leadership and in human relations with a sensitivity to and knowledge of multicultural issues and diverse student population needs are essential. Excellent analytical, problem solving, organizational, written and oral communication and listening skills are required. The Dean of Students must be in clear agreement with the defining commitments of the Seminary as set forth in the Statement of Faith, Mission Statement and Community Life Statement. They should reflect a deep commitment to Christ that is evident in their daily work.

Use of Capabilities: (Illustrated by typical activities)

  • Serves as a point person for student life information and management.
  • Provides leadership, consistent with the Seminary ethos, to the Student Life Team in strategic planning, program assessment, and evaluation.
  • Manages departments and supervises staff and programs that provide student and campus-wide support services: Campus Safety, Student Housing and International Student/Transitional Services.
  • Ensures compliance and provides counsel to all Seminary campuses on various student services and student life issues. Serves as Title IX Coordinator and Compliance Officer.
  • Provides leadership and is responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and regulations of the Seminary as they pertain to students, including internal Seminary disciplinary procedures.  Maintains and updates the student life section of the Student Handbook and provides counsel in the revision of the apartment and dorm housing manuals, International Student Handbook, Out and About Handbook and the Campus Guide to Auto & Public Safety Regulations.
  • Recruits, trains, supervises/mentors and evaluates the apartment and dormitory Residence Life Coordinators.
  • Designs, directs and coordinates programs and interventions to provide service to all students and their families, which promote quality of student life consistent with the Seminary ethos. Helps establish a student culture where diversity is encouraged and where students learn to respect differences, take responsibility for their actions, and exercise leadership.
  • Counsels with students on a variety of personal, spiritual and disciplinary matters, and refers students to other appropriate persons or agencies as necessary. Provides leadership to the Pastoral Guidance Committee, which provides counsel and support to students, and conducts informal hearings in addressing student matters that require disciplinary action.
  • Collaborates with faculty in promoting student success and development through co-curricular events and other student activities.
  • Coordinates the fall and spring New Student Orientation and is a member of the Commencement Committee.
  • Manages, advises and counsels the Student Association and its various committees in planning and implementing student events.
  • Develops and manages annual budgets, as well as oversees budgets for departments within Student Life.
  • Serves as the Seminary’s primary person on call to respond to crisis situations involving students.  Serves as a member of the Seminary’s Crisis Management Team.
  • Provides other services, counsel and resourcing as requested by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

Please email your resume and cover letter to lbowerman@gcts.edu.

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