Hamilton Staff Openings

Director of Gordon-Conwell Nursery School

Function: Under the guidance of the Dean of Students and Director of Student Life Services, serves as Director of the Nursery School and provides leadership to the operation of the Nursery School. Is a member of the Student Life Services team.

Capabilities Required: The incumbent must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or related field. Hold a Director I or Director II license with the MA Department of Early Education and Care (ECC). Possess demonstrated skill and effectiveness in leadership, as well excellent organizational, written and oral communication, including listening skills. Excellent interpersonal, problem-solving and computer skills are required. Also required is the ability to communicate effectively at all organizational levels, including people of different cultures; ability to manage multiple projects/tasks, and ability to work flexible and non-traditional hours.

Use of Capabilities


  • Recruit, hire, and supervise all staff;
  • Manage staff schedules and coverage to ensure compliance with school policy and EEC.
  • Ensure that performance reviews are conducted with all staff at least once per year.
  • Provide opportunities for staff development and training.
  • Plan and facilitate monthly staff and curriculum meetings.
  • Maintain timesheets and time off requests for all staff.
  • Assign and oversee the responsibilities of the Assistant to the Director. 
  • Train the Assistant to the Director to be in charge when Director is not present.


  • Collaborate with teachers in developing a curriculum which incorporates Developmental Appropriate Practices (DAP) which align with the EEC’s “Guidelines for Preschool Learning Experiences”. And oversee the implementation of these experiences.
  • Plan and organize enrichment activities (i.e. visit by Wenham Museum, Audubon Ark or musician).


  • Collaborate with Dean of Student, set a yearly budget for GCNS based  on projected student enrollment, teacher salaries/wages and controllable costs.
  • Collaborate with the Human Resource office in hiring new teaching staff and determining salary or wages.
  • Maintain all accounts receivable/payable; submit checks, cash and bills  in a timely manner to the Financial Services Department; approve all purchases, expense reports and other financial responsibilities.
  • Collect tuition and fees from parents and maintain accurate account records for each family.


  • Promote awareness of GCNS programs to parents in the local and surrounding communities.
  • Maintain webpage and on-line search engines (i.e. Google)
  • Use local media services (i.e. H-W Patch to bring exposure to the school’s activities
  • Post or distribute flyers or brochures on community bulletin boards or local events (i.e. H-W Pumpkin Fest, H-W ECP Kids fair or other educational fairs)
  • Schedule Open House(s) for prospective parents and/or meet with interested parents on an individual basis as needed.


  • Ensure timely, regular, and effective communication with all parents and staff; through on-line venues, emails, notices and postings.
  • Oversee teachers’ communication (to families) through on-line newsletters, updates and communication logs.
  • Maintain and distribute “Parent Handbook” and “GCNS Guidelines for Staff” which example plans policies and procedures for each group.
  • Be available to parents and staff with questions or concerns.
  • Relate to other GCTS departments (i.e. Physical Plant, Financial Services, Media Services or Student Life Services).
  • Maintain regular meetings with the Dean of Students and keep her up –to –date on events and activities via email, phone or written reports.
  • Establish good relationships with outside organization, vendors and community groups (i.e. H-W Early Childhood Partners, Beverly Early Childhood Committee)


  • Manage and maintain the physical environments (inside and outside) of  GCNS to EEC’s “Early Childhood Program Standards” with the assistance of teachers and other GCTS departments or services.
  • Initiate improvements to the physical environment to maintain standards or improve functionality for students and staff.

NOTE:  This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

Please email your resume and cover letter to LBowerman@gcts.edu.

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Admissions Representative

Function: Under the supervision of the Dean of Enrollment Management and the immediate direction of the Assistant Director of Admissions, the Admissions Representative implements programs to identify, recruit, and enroll prospective students.

Capabilities Required: The incumbent must possess exceptional interpersonal skills; solid communication skills (both oral and written); administrative, organizational and coordinating abilities; intimate knowledge of the Seminary- its history, mission, publics, programs, short and long-range plans, strengths and weaknesses; understanding of the academic, personal and spiritual capabilities required for theological training; and competency in personal computing (including typing, ability to attain specific technical aptitude and utilize it effectively); and be available for 3-5 weeks of travel per year. A bachelors degree is required. Gordon-Conwell alumni and/or students near the completion of their Gordon-Conwell degree preferred.

Use of Capabilities:

  • Schedules and conducts recruitment visits to campuses, churches and conferences nationally in accordance with the overall recruitment strategy. Works to identify key recruiting sites on a national scale and plans travel to selected schools.
  • Interviews prospective students who visit the campus and responds to questions from phone and email inquiries.
  • Work with the Admissions Office staff in coordinating the efforts of recruitment and admissions, with special concern for the efficient use of technical tools needed to accomplish that task (including the admissions modules of the CAMS system, Excel, web, email, etc.).
  • Assists in “transition services” for incoming students. This includes identifying off-campus housing, as well as other opportunities that assist students in making the transition to the South Hamilton campus.
  • Assist in planning and implementing recruitment /enrollment management events such as Discover Gordon-Conwell and spring/fall orientations.
  • Through oral and written communication, follow-up with inquirers and applicants to ensure their timely progress through the admissions process.
  • Submits formal and informal reports to the Director of Admissions and the Dean of Enrollment Management as required to apprise him/her of recruitment projections, status of inquiries, status of applicants, travel schedules, effectiveness of recruitment events and activities, and other matters related to the recruitment and admissions process.
  • Assists in the management and reviewing of special scholarships, including the Merit-based Scholarship, Partnership Program, The Graham Scholarship, The Trustee Grant, Ambassador Scholarship, The International Student Scholarship and The Michael Haynes Scholarship.
  • Provides other appropriate related services as required or requested.

Please email your resume and cover letter to LBowerman@gcts.edu.

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Admissions Administrator

Function: Under the broad supervision of the Director of Admissions, performs a variety of functions required to ensure the smooth operation of the admissions office; serves as the initial contact between the admissions office and its constituencies (prospective students, students, staff, and the general public); assesses and appropriately handles or directs inquires from prospective students and other constituents; trains student workers; assures timely distribution of routine reports and lists to the Director and administration.

Capabilities Required: The incumbent must posses exceptional interpersonal abilities manifested in a confident warm, outgoing manner including excellent oral communication and listening skills, excellent skills with keen attention to detail and accuracy; is capable of functioning effectively within a student-centered, cooperative decision making environment; is highly organized and able to manage multiple tasks; possesses solid experience in the use of a personal computer; able to efficiently use the functionality in the CAMS admissions/recruitment modules.

Use of Capabilities:

  • Coordinates the administrative and clerical activities of the Admissions Office by serving as primary contact person for the Admissions Office: providing appropriate information to internal and external inquires: determining the appropriate handling of all incoming communications (phone, email, fax, mail, etc.) and visitors: and managing all outgoing correspondence.
  • Trains and supervise student workers to assure timely handling of all inquires and outgoing correspondence.
  • Qualify all leads, ensure immediate follow up, assign them to appropriate admissions representatives, and coordinate and follow up on efficient and timely use of students, faculty, and alumni in recruiting efforts.
  • Coordinates the full use of the CAMS recruitment and admissions modules. Assists other office personnel in the use of the modules. Serves in linking role between the Admissions Office and the CAMS administrator.
  • Responsible for the preparation, integrity and safe handling of all admissions files.
  • Serves in the linking role between the Admissions and Registration Offices, ensuring timely and accurate transmission of information and files as prospective students enroll for courses.
  • Responsible for stocking and maintaining office supplies, as well as keeping inventory of various catalogs, brochures and other related materials. This includes stocking and maintaining resources in the Admissions guest quarters.
  • Arranges visits, faculty/staff appointments, transportation, lodging, and meals for visiting prospective students. This includes arranging details for biannual Discover events, which requires some night and weekend hours. 
  • Assists Admissions Representatives in the preparing for and conducting of off-site recruiting events.
  • Other tasks as requested by the Director.

Please email your resume and cover letter to LBowerman@gcts.edu.

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Senior Accountant

Position Summary: Provide accounting services for the Financial Services Team and assist the Director of Financial Services/Controller and Manager of Accounting Services in specific functions and projects. A member of the Financial Services Team and mentored by the Director and Manager.

Experience/Skills Required: Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Equivalent; At least three to five years of increasing responsibilities as a professional accountant; Preference for someone with not-for-profit accounting experience, especially related to restricted fund accounting; Excellent analytical skills, demonstrated abilities in desktop computing (Microsoft Excel and Word) and computer-based accounting programs; Teachable attitude and demonstrated willingness to take on new tasks while maintaining a schedule of monthly deadlines; Ability to work independently and guide oneself through sophisticated tasks;  Ability to work in a team environment that is focused on student, donor, and internal client service.

Accountability: Accountable to the Financial Services Team and the Director of Financial Services/Controller and Manager of Accounting Services and carries the following areas of responsibility with the appropriate authority:

Gift Revenue and Pledges Receivable

  • Tracks all pledges receivable and ensures proper documentation and accurate recording of the initial pledge and subsequent payments or adjustments.
  • Monthly reconciles all gift revenue detail between general ledger and Development gift software.
  • During year-end close prepares final pledges receivable workpaper, including calculation of pledge discounting.  Prepares related journal entries.
  • Prepares all year-end workpapers and financial statement footnotes on pledges receivable.
  • Interfaces with the auditors on any pledges receivable and gift revenue testing.


  • Monthly prepares investment accounting journal entries and supporting workpapers.
  • Quarterly prepares charitable remainder unit trusts investment accounting and liability estimates. Prepares related journal entries.
  • During year-end close prepares detailed accounting adjustments for  charitable remainder unit trusts, outside trusts, and other investment-related transactions.
  • Prepares all year-end workpapers and financial statement footnotes on investments.
  • Prepares year-end workpapers and fair value disclosure financial statement footnotes.
  • Interfaces with the auditors on any investment-related testing.

Temporarily Restricted Net Assets

  • Daily reviews all accounts payable invoices and expense reports being charged to restricted funds for available restricted net asset funds.
  • Monthly reviews recurring gift transfer items.  Prepares related journal entries.
  • Quarterly reviews all temporarily restricted net assets for potential gift transfers.  Prepares related journal entries.
  • During year-end close analyzes all temporarily restricted net asse balances for needed reclassification and correct categorizations.  Prepares related journal entries.
  • Prepares all year-end workpapers and financial statement footnotes on temporarily restricted net assets.
  • Interfaces with the auditors on any temporarily restricted asset-related testing.

Fixed Assets

  • Monthly prepares journal entries to capitalize all equipment and building improvements.
  • Update fixed asset subsidiary ledger to include all new purchases.
  • Update depreciation calculations in Blackbaud’s fixed asset system.
  • Prepare journal entries to reflect current year depreciation.
  • Prepare journal entries to reflect any current year dispositions of fixed assets.
  • Reconcile opening balances, purchases and dispositions from the fixed asset module to the general ledger.
  • Take annual inventory of assets and reconcile them against fixed asset module.
  • Tracks all fixed asset work-in-progress and coordinate the proper timing and accounting for fixed asset recognition.
  • Prepares all year-end workpapers and financial statement footnotes on fixed assets.
  • Interfaces with the auditors on any fixed asset-related testing.


  • Assists Director and Manager in annual budget preparation process.
  • Coordinates with Budget Managers regarding preparation of annual cost center budgets.
  • Assist the Director and Manager in managing and coordinating the Management Reporting System.

General Ledger

  • Assist in monthly reconciliation of subsidiary ledgers to the general ledger.
  • Research and resolve accounting issue in the general ledger and subsidiary ledgers.
  • Research accounting and tax regulations to properly record transactions.
  • Proficiently utilize the report writer in the accounting system and be able to create custom reports.

Other Areas

  • Document and provide feedback on existing procedures.
  • Provide training to various employees on use of accounting forms, processes, and computer options in the financial module.
  • Provide occasional backup for Accounts Payable and other accounting staff.
  • Other related duties as assigned.

Please email your resume and cover letter to LBowerman@gcts.edu.

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Cashier, Student Accounts

Position Summary: Under the supervision of the Assistant Director of Student Accounts the Cashier receives and disburses cash and cash equivalents to and from students, faculty, staff, and other members of the seminary community.  The Cashier also maintains cash transaction records and generates related reports. 

Skills Required: Accuracy in handling and changing money; ability to deal constructively and pleasantly with students and other members of the community; experience in the use of adding machines, desktop computers, printers, and other business machines; a teachable attitude and demonstrated willingness to take on new tasks while maintaining a schedule of monthly deadlines; ability to work independently and perform repetitive tasks accurately and completely; extremely detail oriented and organized; ability to balance and prioritize multiple tasks while working in a team environment that is focused on customer service.

The Cashier is accountable to the Assistant Director of Student Accounts and the Student Financial Services Team and carries the following areas of responsibility with the appropriate authority:

  • Receives tuition and related payments from members of the community; receipts payments; enter payment information to the general ledger via CAMS and Blackbaud cashiering systems; maintains CAMS and Blackbaud files and spreadsheets for easy accessibility to the Financial Services Team and state auditors.
  • Receives and verifies daily internal deposits from auxiliary sources, crediting the payments to proper revenue accounts.
  • Disburses cash; verifies cash vouchers, assuring proper authorization; cashes checks and makes change for patrons according to prescribed procedures.
  • Processes returned checks according to prescribed procedures. 
  • Assists the Assistant Director in preparing and maintaining student accounts.
  • Reconciles accounts in cooperation with the student accounts office and the accounting office.
  • Orders supplies for the Financial Services Team as needed.
  • Provides additional cash handling and accounting support for the Student Financial Services Team as needed and performs other related duties as assigned.

Please email your resume and cover letter to LBowerman@gcts.edu.

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