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Arrow Leadership Advanced Standing

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Since 1992, Arrow Leadership Ministries and Gordon-Conwell have partnered in a powerful learning opportunity; enabling advanced standing in three Doctor of Ministry tracks:

Advanced standing includes a tuition benefit for participating students, they pay the first eight quarters of tuition, not all twelve.

"The theological framework and practical tools that emerged through the DMin process have been invaluable to my life, leadership and ministry." - Steve Brown, D.Min., '06

“My involvement in, and completion of, the Doctor of Ministry program via Arrow focused and expanded everything I learned in Arrow. Though it was challenging, I can look back and see God maturing and refining me through the challenge. I feel spiritually wealthier now because of the experience. There is a deeper well of confidence available for me to draw from now as a pastor. I also loved my thesis-project and am working on doing more with it.” - John Torres, D.Min., '06


Intentions to apply for advanced standing must be indicated during the regular application process. A record of your graduation from Arrow, with a minimum “B” average, will be requested from the Arrow office as proof of your qualification for this partnership.

Approval to pursue advanced standing is subsequently outlined in each acceptance letter. An advanced standing project is then required to complete advanced standing. Dr. Steve Klipowicz is the Advanced Standing Coordinator for all Arrow partnership students.

"When it comes to forming men and women who can chart the course of their vocations by the internal compass of biblical values and commitments, the partnership of Arrow Leadership and Gordon-Conwell provides the needed education and mentoring." - Dr. Steve Klipowicz

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Advanced Standing in our Leadership Tracks

Advanced standing allows for accepted into either Redemptive Leadership and Organizational Development or Leadership in Changing Church Contexts to audit the first residency.

Auditors are not asked to do any work required for a grade, but are full participants with the cohort in discussions, presentations, and other residency activities.

Advanced Standing in our Pastoral Theology in Practice Track

Pastoral Theology in Practice has three modules; one each on leadership, preaching, and care-giving. Advanced standing would enable you to:

  1. Skip or audit Deepening the Call, if it does not fall between the required two OR
  2. Audit Deepening the Call, if it does fall between the required two

Auditors are full participants in the audited residency; participating in discussions, presentations, and other residency activities.

There are four entry points each year; one in Spanish (listed as Liderazgo) and three in English (listed by entry point as February (Charlotte campus), April (South Hamilton campus) and October (South Hamilton campus)). The entry point determines the campus for all the residencies, switching from one cohort to another is not allowed.


Proclaiming the Word

Deepening the Call

Caring for the Flock













2018 October February April/Liderazgo
2019   April/October/Liderazgo February
2020 February/April/Liderazgo   October





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