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Bible Journey: New Global Bible Engagement Initiative

In living out our vision of becoming “a thoughtful, loving, Christ-centered community of global discipleship,” we are excited to announce the launch of Bible Journey.

Bible Journey is an innovative, online Bible study curriculum that was developed in partnership with Gordon-Conwell to raise up global disciples who can understand, interpret, and teach the Bible. The founders include alumni Dr. Tim Laniak (M.Div. ’89) and Maureen Laniak (MRE ’85), and the courses are hosted by Dr. Nicole Martin (D.Min. ’14).

The intensive curriculum features 45 in-depth courses with lectures, interactive features, Holy Land video tours and more. We invite you to try the Gospel of John study for free for a limited time. We also encourage you to share this accessible Bible literacy resource with your networks, churches and ministries.

For more information about Bible Journey, watch this video interview with Tim Laniak.