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Write a brief autobiography of no more than two pages (single-spaced, double-spacing between paragraphs, 12pt font). Include your name on each page.

Be sure to comment on your conversion and commitment to Christ, the significant factors which have aided your growth as a Christian, and the important events and people shaping your identity as a person.

Personal Statement

Please limit the Personal Statement to two typed pages (single-spaced, double-spacing between paragraphs, 12pt font). Include your name on each page.

Include answers to each of the points below:

  1. Theological Orientation. Describe two or three theological issues that have been central to your personal development and to your ministry.
  2. Personal/Ministry Objectives. Comment on the motivating objectives of your life and ministry at the present time and how this degree will relate to these.
  3. Encouragement from Others. Comment on the encouragement you received from family members, significant friends, and church community for your entering this degree program.
  4. Strengths & Weaknesses. Based on your experience in ministry and personal evaluation, describe significant strengths and weaknesses in yourself which you bring to this degree program.

Graduate Certificate Applicants

Standard Graduate Certificate applicants are only required one written essay.

Abridged Essay: Please limit the Personal Statement to one page (single-spaced, double-spacing between paragraphs, 12pt font). Include your name on the page.

Provide 1–3 paragraphs explaining your vocational goals and how you hope to apply this graduate certificate towards those goals.

Mature Admission Certificate Applicants

(Mature Admission means you are applying without a bachelor’s degree.)

Please follow the full instructions above for the Autobiography and Personal Statement.

Upload Instructions

Once you have submitted your application, you will be sent an email granting you access to your applicant portal inside of SONIS, our Student Information System (SIS). From your applicant portal, you can review all application checklist requirements (eg. transcripts, references, essays).

Use the paperclip icon next to the Essay Checklist items to upload your essay(s).

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