Support and Resources for Ministry Leaders - Gordon-Conwell — Alumni

Support and Resources for Ministry Leaders

We recognize that pastors at times need additional resources or outside perspective to help them gain insight and clarity for their personal and professional lives. Thriving in Ministry offers resource lists, testing, coaching, consulting, and crisis care to help you with many of these needs.

Coaching and Consulting

Group facilitators and staff are available for coaching and consultation on personal and ministry issues at any time for participants in a Thriving in Ministry cohort.


Thriving in Ministry offers testing to help cohort participants gain greater perspective on themselves both personally and professionally. Two kinds of testing are offered on a group and individual level:

  • (1) Pro-Scan: This tool was developed by PDP (Professional DynaMetric Programs) to help people understand themselves and others more holistically. The ProSacan offers a detailed picture of the core dimensions of your motivations, leadership style, decision-making process, and the type of energy you bring to your job. It also provides insight into where and why you may be experiencing stress and/ or satisfaction.
  • (2) Strength Finder: This tools helps you stop wondering what you’re good at and start knowing—and then growing into those things. The assessment identifies your natural talents and helps you gain understanding of how to develop them so that you can perform better in your job, build stronger relationships, and grow as a person.

Both of these assessments, and interpretation of results, are offered free of charge for those participating in a Thriving in Ministry cohort. Contact your group pastor mentor if you which to participate.

Help in Crisis or Transition

Unfortunately, sometimes pastors find themselves in the middle of difficult crises and transitions either personally or professionally. Often these are sudden and come as a surprise. Oasis, a pilot project of the Thriving in Ministry program, is designed to meet the needs of pastors during these times of immediate crises or unexpected transition. It is offered free of charge to TIM participants and Gordon-Conwell alumni pastors who find themselves in need of wise and highly confidential counsel.

If you are in this situation, please contact Oasis facilitator Terry Shanahan directly by phone or email.
603-303-1280 | [email protected]