Advent Devotional: “Go Tell it on the Mountain” - Gordon Conwell

Advent Devotional: “Go Tell it on the Mountain”

Dr. Eun Ah Cho

What started Christmas and keeps it going is the Incarnation. Christmas is the feast of the Incarnation—God entering our history and not giving up on us. In Him, our dusty and dirty feet are made beautiful (Isaiah 52:7).

“Go Tell it in the Mountain” is a Christmas song that doesn’t have European origins, thus making it unique. It’s a song that was passed down orally from one plantation to the other. Through this, hope was birthed in the hearts of those who sang it. Though their bodies were enchained, the good news that they cherished could not be. They knew that the news of the birth of the Messiah, which brings great joy to every nation, tribe, people and language (Rev 7:9), was not a secret to be kept but news to be shared to the public.

Even during this season of joyful celebration of the Incarnation, there are Christian brothers and sisters who can only whisper the good news in their hearts. Even though their voices cannot be heard from afar, I want to join their invitation to “go tell it on the mountain” so that everyone can hear the good news that Jesus is Christ is born for all.

Go tell it on the mountain
Over the hills and everywhere
Go tell it on the mountain
That Jesus Christ is born

Listen to Dr. Cho’s favorite rendition.

Eun Ah Cho is Dean of the Ockenga Institute and Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies. She is a seasoned missionary, scholar and creative leader who will oversee the planning and coordination of all of our centers under the Ockenga Institute. As the first Korean woman on the President’s cabinet, she is also helping Gordon-Conwell’s ministry to the Korean church, both in Korea and the United States.