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Transfer Students

A student applying for transfer from another seminary or graduate school is requested to attach a "Statement of Explanation and Purpose" for the proposed transfer. In addition, the student must include a letter from the current seminary/graduate school indicating that he/she is a "student in good standing." This letter should come from the Registrar or Academic Dean.  Transfer credit will only be evaluated for applicants who have submitted a full application. Apply online today!

In summary, a transfer student should complete the following:

  • Full Application
  • Statement of Explanation and Purpose
  • Letter of Good Standing

Transfer credit is normally granted for coursework taken at other fully-accredited, graduate-level seminaries. Up to 50 percent of a student's program can be met by transfer credit. Not more than partial credit can be given for coursework taken at non-accredited seminaries.

Students transferring from recognized seminaries or graduate schools are given an evaluation of transfer credit. As a general rule such transfer credit will be approved only if comparable courses are included in Gordon-Conwell's curriculum. Maximum transfer credit is forty-five credit hours (or fifteen courses) for the M.Div. program, thirty credit hours (or ten courses) for the Master of Arts programs. Normally, transfer credit is not granted for work completed more than ten years prior to matriculation at Gordon-Conwell.

Any person desiring a transcript evaluation for transfer credit prior to matriculation should request such in writing to the registrar, accompanied by a transcript, a list of proposed courses projected for transfer, and a copy of the academic catalog where the courses were taken.