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MA in Counseling (maco)

The Master of Arts in Counseling (MACO) is a CACREP-accredited 60-counseling-credit-hour degree program designed to prepare you for various careers in professional counseling and to help you integrate your Christian faith throughout the program.

The integrated academic and clinical training is naturally embedded in a seminary because our context will allow you to acquire the necessary biblical and theological foundations to effectively provide whole-person care, to both people whose values and practices are framed in the Christian faith and those whose faith and practices are different from your own.

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Program Distinctives

  • 60 counseling credits
  • Couple your clinical skills with training in pastoral ministry through the optional MACO/MDiv dual enrollment opportunity.
  • Prepare for licensure in Massachusetts or elsewhere through our CACREP-accredited program.
  • Engage with experienced faculty passionate about coupling counseling and theology to provide holistic care.
  • Take what you learn in the classroom and serve the local community through internship opportunities.
  • Reap the riches of learning in community at our residential campus nestled on the charming North Shore of Massachusetts.
  • Study at any of the 10 theological institutions in the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium (BTI) and access their libraries.

Typical Students

MA in Counseling students are a diverse group who display essential qualities of wisdom, maturity and skills necessary for excellence in the field of counseling. Most have an undergraduate background in psychology or sociology, or significant life experience in the field. Whether you’re starting your first endeavor out of college or moving into a second career, the MA in Counseling degree will provide excellent preparation for Christian and/or secular employment opportunities.

Potential Counseling Careers


Private Practice




Group Homes

Chemical dependency/
substance abuse settings

Pregnancy Centers

Behavioral health care organizations

Para-church ministry



87 Credit Hours

Course List

Biblical Studies: 4 Courses / 12 Credit Hours

  • Exploring the Old Testament (OT500)
  • Exploring the New Testament (NT500)
  • Old Testament Elective (Any OT)
  • New Testament Elective (Any NT)

Christian Thought: 4 Courses / 12 Credit Hours

  • Theology Survey I (TH501)
  • Theology Survey II (TH502)
  • Survey of Church History (CH500)
  • Ethics Course (Any ET/SE)

Integrative Counseling: 15 Courses / 45 Credit Hours

  • Introduction to Counseling (CO500)
  • Clinical Skills (CO507)
  • Lifespan Development: Implications for Counseling (CO/SF610)
  • Theories of Personality (CO611)
  • Research Methods & Design (CO699)
  • Psychopathology (CO710)
  • Group Process (CO/PC711)
  • Multicultural Diversity in Counseling (CO/WM712)
  • Assessment in Counseling (CO735)
  • Career Counseling & Lifestyle Development (CO740)
  • Professional Standards & Ethics (CO790)
  • Counseling Elective (Choose from below)
  • Counseling Elective (Choose from below)
  • Counseling Elective (Choose from below)
  • Counseling Elective (Choose from below)

Counseling Electives

  • Human Sexuality (CO602)
  • Family Systems Theory (CO614)
  • Cognitive Therapy (CO616)
  • Counseling for Crisis & Trauma (CO635)
  • Ministering to Women in Pain (CO/MC642)
  • Suicide Prevention for Professional Caregivers (CO/PC671)
  • Counseling in Addictive Behaviors (CO709)
  • Family Counseling/Therapy (CO714)
  • Couples Counseling (CO716)
  • Counseling in Abuse and Domestic Violence (CO717)
  • Counseling Children (CO720)
  • Counseling the Adolescent (CO/PC/YM725)
  • Counseling the Aged: Intro to Gerontology (CO/EM/PC741)

Integrative Studies: 3 Credit Hours

  • Integrative Seminar A (CO801A) Credits: 1.5
  • Integrative Seminar B (CO801B) Credits: 1.5

Practicum/Internship Requirements: 15 Credit Hours

  • Clinical Practicum (CO863) Credits: 3
  • Professional Practicum Seminar (CO871) Credits: 3
  • Clinical Internship I (CO865A) Credits: 3
  • Clinical Internship II (CO865B) Credits: 3
  • Professional Internship Seminar l (CO873A) Credits: 1.5
  • Professional Internship Seminar ll (CO873B) Credits: 1.5

This list is provided for you convenience. It seeks to be accurate and up-to-date but does not replace your graduation check sheet as the authoritative statement of degree requirements per your admission. That check sheet provides a fuller list of alternative courses and potential exceptions.

MACO Faculty

Dr. Karen Mason

Professor of Counseling and Psychology, Director of the Hamilton Counseling Department

Dr. Kateryna Kuzubova

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Dr. Angie Kim

Assistant Professor of Counseling


Shiri Messina, MA

Program Administrator of MACO Program
[email protected]

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
(Fridays during the semester: 10:00 am – 6:15 pm)

Alumni Experiences

Gilson Da Silva

“I have been graced with several different opportunities since receiving my degree from the MACO and MDIV programs, much beyond what I had anticipated. I’m currently working as a Chaplain and Grieving Counselor for a Hospice company, serving patients from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, opening doors for me to see them in their homes, surrounded by their families and friends. I also work as a Mental Health Therapist in a Counseling Center, providing individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults, many of whom are non-English speaking, who otherwise would have faced challenges communicating with their counselors. These opportunities only came to fruition because of the education I received through the programs at Gordon-Conwell, allowing me to continue to affirm my calling to help those in need.”

— Rev. Gilson Borges da Silva, MDIV, MACO
MHTherapist at First Orlando Counseling Center
Chaplain at VITAS Healthcare

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