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Focused for Your Goals

All Graduate Certificates through Gordon-Conwell are six courses (18 credit hours). Each Graduate Certificates is focused and modular, providing you a simplified path to specific areas of study. Certificate courses can also be applied toward a master’s degree.

What’s Your Goal?

Christian Studies

Provides a foundational framework for Christian thought and ministry.

Global Leadership

Equips Christians to lead in global and majority-world ministry contexts.

Lay Counseling

Equips Christians to engage in pastoral care and counseling.

Spiritual Formation

Provides a foundational framework for personal and community formation..

Specialty Certificates

Individual campuses and communities offer additional “Specialty” Certificates tailored to local needs and faculty expertise.



The Graduate Certificate in Bible through our Boston campus provides a foundational framework for studying the Bible.

Christian Foundations

Christian Foundations

The Graduate Certificate in Christian Foundations through our Boston campus provides a urban-focused context for Christian thought and ministry.

Lutheran Studies

Lutheran Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Lutheran Studies through our Charlotte campus delves into the history, theology and culture of the Lutheran tradition.

Further Study

Our Graduate Certificates are intentionally modular, allowing you to stack certificates together to build towards (or even complete) a master’s degree.

*The MACM is a “professional degree,” which primarily means it is weighted toward developing practical ministry skills. As such, six of the concentration electives in the MACM should be drawn from practical theology or counseling courses. Currently, the Certificate in Lay Counseling and Certificate in Spiritual Formation fit ideally in this scenario.

In the same way, certificates can be applied toward the MATS (60 credits) or the MDIV (90 credits). Graduate certificates allow you to start small and work toward a full MA.


* All students can expect to receive some form of financial assistance. Most students qualify for the scholarship listed here. Reach out to our admissions team (using the form below) to see if you qualify for this or any other scholarships or financial assistance.

** The estimated total price is based on current tuition rates. Please note that rates and fees are subject to change.


Note: Service fees will be charged as follows for each semester/summer session in which a student registers for courses, regardless of student status or credit hours or registration type.

Fall/Spring $175 per semester
Summer I, II, III $100 per session
Technology Fee $40 per semester/session

Apply by Dec 15th

Accepting applications for Spring 2020 through December 15th.
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