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Master’s Degree Transition

Streamlining our degrees to simplify your formation in ministry.

Simplifying Your Formation

By 2018, Gordon-Conwell had accumulated 27 different master’s degree programs.1 While choice is generally a good thing, too many choices can be unnecessarily daunting. In response, our faculty and administration have reenvisioned all of our offerings into seven master’s degree programs with individual concentrations — ensuring the same areas of specialization within a simplified structure.

In summer of 2021, Gordon-Conwell formally transitioned to our new degree programs. For current and incoming students, we understand the transition can itself feel daunting. We hope the following details will alleviate most of your concerns.

Managing the Transition

Most of our existing programs have a clear map to a new degree (see opposite diagram) with minimal change to the overall requirements. A few of our MAs (Christian Studies, Christian Leadership, Spiritual Formation) allow for choice of movement into a shorter or longer degree program.

In all cases, students admitted before fall 2021 will have the option of retaining the check sheet (degree requirements) of their admitted degree for the duration of their program. Beginning in summer 2021, returning students will have the option of transferring into the new program check sheet. Most students with more than a year of study remaining in their degree will find the new requirements more flexible than their existing check sheet.

1. Gordon-Conwell offered 19 discrete master’s degrees with 27 variations when accounting for campus-based degree variations.

Master’s Degrees


All Campuses or 100% Online


Hamilton Campus or 100% Online


All Campuses or 100% Online


Hamilton Campus or 100% Online


Hamilton | Charlotte | Digital Hybrid


Location varies based on concentration

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