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Dr. Kateryna Kuzubova

Assistant Professor of Counseling


Dr. Kuzubova is originally from Ukraine. There, she received her BA in Christian Leadership and served as a staff member at the InterVarsity (CCX- Ukraine) fellowship. She received a doctorate in Counselor Education from the University of Toledo. She has worked in mental health agencies and an integrated care clinic providing counseling services to children, adolescents, families and adults.

Prior to joining GCTS, she worked at UMass Boston as a clinical faculty and as post-doctorate at the Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research, Boston Children’s Hospital on two NIAAA-funded studies. She is interested in prevention of and early intervention into substance use, depression, and other high-risk behaviors among adolescents, forgiveness in teens, integrated care treatment outcomes, and cross-cultural and international research and training in counseling techniques, theories and practice as it relates to prevention and intervention. Her mother languages are Russian and Ukrainian.


  • B.A. (Tavriskiy Christian Institute)
  • M.A. (Cincinnati Christian University)
  • Ph.D. (The University of Toledo)


  • Knight, J.R., Kuzubova, K., Csemy, L., Sherritt, L., Copelas, S., Harris, S.K. (2017). Computer-facilitated screening and brief advice to reduce adolescents’ heavy episodic drinking: A study in two countries. Journal of Adolescent Health, 62(1), 118-120.

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