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Advancement Staff

Laura Carmer | Director of Alumni Engagement
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2020
Degrees: MACO (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary); BA in Psychology and BA in Spanish (Carnegie-Mellon University)
Professional Experience: Laura has 30+ years of experience in higher education administration in the areas of global education, missions, service-learning, and student life, as well as experience co-directing an honors program in faith and vocation. She has also worked in community mental health, campus ministry, and church community outreach.
Places she’s called home: rural central PA, Pittsburgh, and Boston’s North Shore
Fun Fact: Laura loves to explore and understand other cultures. Her work has allowed her to build relationships and partnerships in a dozen countries around the world in addition to her personal friendships and travel in many more.

I love that I get to know, serve, and support Gordon-Conwell’s remarkable alumni. It is so inspiring to see how our alumni are faithfully living out their various callings. It’s a joy to work under a President and alongside colleagues who daily exemplify devotion to the Lord and creative, humble service in all that they do.”

[email protected] | 978-646-4148

Larry Comstock | Assistant Vice President of Development
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2021
Degrees: A.B. in American History (Brown University); M.B.A. (Tuck School, Dartmouth College)
Professional Experience: Larry spent the majority of his career in financial services, primarily raising capital for investment management organizations. Most recently, he served as the Senior Area Director for World Vision, responsible for donor relationship in the Greater NYC area and Florida.
Places he’s called home: Guam, Korea, London, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York City, Connecticut, Lexington, MA (birthplace of American liberty!), and Naples, FL (currently)
Fun Fact: Larry once got an elevator pitch from Steve Jobs

I am thrilled to be joining the Advancement Team at Gordon-Conwell, and believe there is nothing more important than helping to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders.  Gordon-Conwell is uniquely positioned and called by God to do that, and it will be a privilege to work with our wonderful donors to provide the resources necessary to fulfill that calling.”

[email protected] | 978-646-4025

Eric Convey | Director of the Gordon-Conwell Scholarship Fund
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2020
Degrees: BA in Business Administration with a minor in Music Performance (Gordon College)
Professional Experience: Journalist for 25 years, Congressional Press Secretary, investment industry communications director
Places he’s called home: Connecticut, Boston’s North Shore, Washington D.C.

The hearts, minds, and priorities of people across Gordon-Conwell make the place and its mission irresistible to me.”

[email protected]

Elizabeth Davis | Assistant Director of Advancement & Communication Systems
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2010
Degrees: BA in Biblical and Theological Studies (Gordon College)
Professional Experience: Elizabeth has over 10 years of experience in Advancement in varying capacities including donor services, data processing and administration, communications, and editorial work.
Places she’s called home: Boston’s North Shore
Fun Fact: Elizabeth is an avid bird watcher and enjoys the stillness and gratitude that comes with being attentive while traipsing outdoors.

I’m grateful to work in an environment that challenges me in so many ways, both professionally and spiritually. Gordon-Conwell represents a diverse community of imperfect people who are unified in seeking to faithfully serve Jesus, one another and our broken world with humility, love, and grace.”

[email protected] | 978-646-4166

Brian Gardner | Vice President of Advancement
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2019
Degrees: PhD in Higher Education (Loyola University Chicago); MBA in Information Systems Management (Seattle Pacific University); BS in Business & Economics (George Fox University)
Professional Experience: Brian has over 25 years of experience in higher education development and enrollment. He has counseled nonprofits on fundraising, spoken at professional conferences, and served on various organizational boards.
Places he’s called home: Portland (OR), Seattle, Chicago, rural Indiana, and Boston’s North Shore
Fun Fact: Brian is a terrible golfer, but has a tremendous appreciation for the game!

Gordon-Conwell has equipped 11,000 alumni to make disciples of Jesus Christ through various ministry and cultural contexts across all 50 U.S. states and nearly 100 nations around the world. I anticipate with joy and confidence the impact of today’s students when they join them.”

[email protected] | 978-646-4070

Lisa Steigerwalt | Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Advancement
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2016
Degrees: BS in Food Service Management (Liberty University)
Professional Experience: Lisa has served in a variety of fields including food service management at a Christian conference center and 10 years as the fulfillment manager for an ophthalmic pharmaceutical company. She has worked in numerous administrative roles, including serving as a typist for Elisabeth Elliot Green.
Places she’s called home: Vineland, NJ; Southern Virginia; Boston’s North Shore
Fun Fact: Lisa enjoys creating presentations and sharing the gospel through tea, history, hospitality, and homemaking.

“It is a privilege to serve with so many remarkable colleagues, faculty, students, alumni, and friends of Gordon-Conwell. It is a great joy to support the vital work of the seminary by helping to connect friends, old and new, with the historic and glorious mission of Gordon-Conwell—to cultivate fruitful global disciple-makers for the glory of Christ!”

[email protected] | 978-646-4229

Advancement Student Staff

Marcus Appleton | Alumni Communications & Program Coordinator
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2021
Degrees: BS Marketing and Business Studies (City University, London Business School), Current Degree: MA in Global Leadership
Professional Experience: Marcus served for over 20 years in the UK in business and marketing, including launching and running a marketing consultancy for 10 years. He worked in pastoral ministry for three years, and has spent the last five years working in world missions, seeking to engage the local church in overseas mission across Central Asia. 
Places he’s called home:
Kent, the ‘Garden of England’; and now New England
Fun Fact: Marcus used to play Table Tennis at competition level.

“Several friends in both mission and ministry recommended Gordon-Conwell. I was also encouraged to learn of the focus placed on world mission. I look forward to serving the alumni, meeting them, and hearing their stories.”

ma[email protected] | 978-646-4272

Amanda Mittelman | Alumni Communications & Event Coordinator
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2020
Degrees: BA in Biblical and Religious Studies (Grove City College, 2020); Current Degree Program: MA in Old Testament Studies
Professional Experience: Amanda founded and runs her own art company, Emerson Printing & Co. In addition to her work in the Advancement office, she also works in the Marketing and Communications office, as a Byington Scholar, and as the RLC for Graham Hall.
Places she’s called home: Cherry Hill, NJ; Pittsburgh & Grove City, PA; Paris, France; and Boston’s North Shore.
Fun Fact: Amanda loves leading worship (piano and vocals) and founded Grove City College’s bi-annual 24-hour continuous worship event.

As a current student, I love hearing from Gordon-Conwell alumni, seeing the variety of ministry positions they serve in, and witnessing how God uniquely uses their gifts, experiences, and education to prepare them for their Kingdom work.”

[email protected] | 978-646-4272

Mary Sedler | Advancement Services Office Assistant
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2021
Degrees: BA in Middle School Education and History (Gordon College), Current Program: MA in Counseling (MACO)
Professional Experience: Mary has taught middle school social studies in the past as well as leading in middle school and high school youth groups for over 5 years. She also worked as the church administrative assistant at her home church.
Places she’s called home: Byfield, MA and Boston’s North Shore
Fun Fact: Mary loves to spend time at the beach on the North Shore and time out on the water in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region.

“As a Gordon-Conwell student, I love being at a place that prepares disciples to go out into the world in a variety of capacities to spread the love of Jesus Christ. Working in Advancement has given me the opportunity to help other students maintain their partnerships and to receive donations to help the seminary and students receive the funding they need.”

[email protected] | 978-646-4165

Porter Sprigg | Alumni Special Projects Coordinator
First Year at Gordon-Conwell: 2020
Degrees: BA in English and Biblical Studies (Gordon College); MDiv in progress (Gordon-Conwell)
Professional Experience: Porter has served in various roles for La Vida at Gordon College, including the Curriculum Coordinator and the Interim Assistant Director. He also served as a Program Specialist for Booster, an elementary school fundraising company, right before coming to seminary.
Places he’s called home: Clifton Park, NY; Germantown, MD; Beverly, MA.
Fun Fact: In his basement in Maryland, Porter and his family have several chunks of the Berlin Wall and over 60,000 baseball cards.

“The Partnership Program has been a tremendous blessing to me personally as I navigate seminary. I am grateful for the opportunity to help it thrive. I am also excited to work with alumni and help coordinate events that will allow them to meaningfully engage with Gordon-Conwell today. My own father graduated here in 1997, four days after I was born.”

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