Alumni Dr. Paul Hoffman and Dr. Matthew Kim Co-Author Preaching to a Divided Nation - Gordon Conwell

Alumni Dr. Paul Hoffman and Dr. Matthew Kim Co-Author Preaching to a Divided Nation

Preaching to a Divided Nation: A Seven-Step Model for Promoting Reconciliation and Unity is a new resource by Baker Publishing to support preachers in “bring[ing] healing and peace to their fractured churches and world.” Co-authored by alumni Dr. Paul Hoffman (MDiv ’03), Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology, and Dr. Matthew Kim (MDiv ’02), former George F. Bennett Professor of Preaching and Practical Theology, the book speaks into the class, ethnic, gender, and political divisions of our day and offers hope of restoration through Scripture.

Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Kim write, “The bottom line: the church’s divisions are real and destructive. They break God’s heart, undermine our gospel witness, and contradict the reality of heaven. It appears the bride of Christ is struggling to overcome the diseases of prejudice and polarization. Many Christians are behaving boorishly, failing to exhibit a trace of patience, understanding, compassion, or empathy. Sadly, all too often the nonreligious seem more gracious than those who claim to know Christ. However, despite the gravity of our current situation, we remain hopeful homileticians—dedicated practitioners who love God and his church. We have not lost our faith, one that is rooted in the cross, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and God’s mission to restore all things. Crucially, we maintain that one upshot of our chaotic and fractious era is that the pulpit, always paramount, has become even more so. That is, pastors, preachers, teachers, and leaders can either inflame our tensions or proclaim the peace and healing Jesus offers. We are convinced that all gospel heralds now have a greater opportunity to intentionally and winsomely use their platforms to proclaim the Holy Scriptures in a way that promotes reconciliation and unity.”

Preaching to a Divided Nation is replete with illustrations, reflection questions, preaching themes, sample sermons, and more. Read the first chapter, and order your copy today!