The Scholar and Skeptic: Quonekuia Day, Instructor in Old Testament, and Alumni Serve as Courageous Conversation Panelists

Ms. Quonekuia Day (MDiv ’04, ThM ’07), Gordon-Conwell alumna and Instructor in Old Testament, will again serve on Jude 3 Project’s Courageous Conversations panel alongside several other Gordon-Conwell alumni.

The goal of the annual Courage Conversations event is to create a safe space for dialogue related to church and culture that shows the diversity of thought within the Black church. The panels demonstrates how to effectively discuss controversial issues and build genuine relationships with those who hold different views. This year’s theme is The Scholar and Skeptic: Bridging the Gap between the Church & the Culture. The panels will address the following questions and more:

  • Is Christianity Homophobic and Transphobic?—on which Ms. Day will speak. 
  • Does Christianity Oppress Women?
  • Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?
  • Should We Be Spiritual or Religious?

Alumni Panelists:

  • Dr. Vince Bantu (MDiv ’08—Boston)
  • Quonekuia Day (MDiv ’04—CUME, ThM ’07—Hamilton)
  • Dr. Nicole Martin (DMin ’14—Charlotte)
  • Dr. Esau McCaulley (MDiv ’05—Hamilton)
  • Dr. Nicole Martin (DMin ’14—Charlotte), Adjunct Professor of Ministry and Leadership Development
  • Dr. Cleotha Robertson (MDiv ’84—Hamilton)
  • Natasha Sistrunk Robinson (MACL ’14—Charlotte)

Learn more about this in-person and online event by visiting Courageous Conversations