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Fully Online Certificate Program at Gordon-Conwell

Gordon-Conwell's Fully Online Certificate in Christian Studies program equips men and women to think biblically and theologically in the face of local and global needs. Designed with the working professional in mind, the part-time online Certificate in Christian Studies program allows students to pursue their calling through engaging online courses without sacrificing their family, ministry, or work obligations.

Toward that end, the seminary offers several Online Master of Arts programs, which students can complete primarily online: Biblical Studies, Christian Thought, Old Testament, New Testament, and Religion.

Quick Facts

Online Master of Arts (Biblical Studies, Christian Thought, Old Testament, New Testament, or Religion)

  • 31 credit hours
  • 1 year full-time; up to 7 years part-time
  • Can be completed 100% online
  • Class credit can later be transferred into a Gordon-Conwell Master's Program (subject to restrictions).

Typical Student

The online Certificate in Christian Studies is designed for those who have diverse callings and are interested in receiving training in core biblical and theological subjects.  The Certificate program is also ideal for those discerning their calling.

Potential Careers

The Certificate program's core biblical and theological training can be applied to any career or vocational context, whether inside or outside of the church.

Program Requirements

Core Studies

  • CT500: Introduction to Theological Research
  • OT500: Old Testament Survey
  • NT501: New Testament Survey
  • NT/OT517: Interpreting the Bible
  • NT/OT594: Biblical Theology
  • TH 501: Theology Survey I
  • TH 502: Theology Survey II
  • CH 501: Church History to the Reformation
  • CH 502: Church History Since the Reformation
  • ET 501: Christian Ethics (choose two)
  • WM 601: The World Mission of the Church (choose two)
  • MC 501: Spiritual Formation (choose two)

Future Degree Option

While the Certificate is a a non-degree program, it has been carefully designed to allow students to move into a degree program as seamlessly as possible. A separate admission process is required of students moving from the Certificate program into a degree program.  Certificate students should consult with their advisor if they are considering entering a degree program at some point in the future.

?Online Programs Distinctives

Seminary is about shaping the head, heart, hands for kingdom service.  For most of theological education's history, this was only possible physically relocating in order to study.  With the advent of new tools and technologies, the seminary experience has not only been made accessible to students wherever they live, but is continually optimized to meet the changing needs of students and their respective callings.  Current distinctives include:

Flexible Digital Course Deliveries

Students have the option of completing their program primarily online through digital class formats including Digital Live, online, and web-enhanced, which are described below.

Digital Live – Digital Live courses are designed for students who desire to participate in the real-time seminary classroom anywhere in the world.  Students are able to engage live with their Professor and Learning Teams.  In between class sessions, students complete on-demand online coursework.

Semlink+  –  Semlink+ courses are designed for students who desire maximum schedule flexibility.  Under the active oversight of a Professor, students complete on-demand online coursework each week with strategic and scheduled real-time moments between the students and the Professor and other students throughout the course.

Web-Enhanced (Not-Applicable for Certificate Program) – Web-Enhanced courses are a blend between on-demand and real-time course formats and are typically only found in Ministerial Studies courses.  Students complete weekly on-demand online coursework, but also come together for a 2.5 day Residency experience.

100% Online Certificate Program Option

Students always have the option to take as many residential courses as they desire at any of Gordon-Conwell's four campuses.  However, the program can also be completed up to 100% online.

Student Care and Support In addition to ongoing support from the program advisor, every student is assigned a Student Care Representative who walks along side the student throughout their seminary journey and provides coaching, prayer support, and assists the students with any questions that arise along the way.
Learning Teams and Tutor Support In all Digital Live and select other Semlink+ and web-enhanced courses, students will experience being a part of learning teams, which undertake carefully designed collaborative assignments and projects to meet the course's learning outcomes.  In addition, in select courses (particularly Greek and Hebrew), students have access to weekly tutoring. 
Digital Resources and Books Gordon-Conwell is a member of the Digital Theological Library, which provides free access for students to more than 160,000 ebooks, over 160 databases, over 20,000 journal titles, over 20,000,000 peer-reviewed, full-text articles, and more than 11,000 hours of counseling evideos.
Digital Tools for Collaborative and Global Engagement Gordon-Conwell continues to invest each year in new digital tools to enhance collaborative learning and global engagement.
Integrative Online Events

Every Fall and Spring, students attend one Klipowicz Integrative Event online or on campus.  Students can choose from the following:

  • Center for the Development of Evangelical Leadership Conference (every August)
  • Robert C. Cooley Center for the Study of Early Christianity Lecture (every October and January)
  • Alumni Forum (every March)

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