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Course Format

What does a Semlink+ experience look like? What do I receive with my course materials? How long does it take to complete a course? Continue reading below to get a brief picture of what taking a Semlink+ course might look like for you:

Course Materials

Semlink+ courses are taught online, using our online learning management system, Sakai.  The course will include audio and/or video presentations from your professor(s) and online interactions with your instructor and fellow students via online discussion forums, blog posts, and responses.  In addition, exams and other assignments are submitted online.

Semlink+ classes involve weekly or bi-weekly assignments.  This structure is designed to help you move through the class successfully and to provide common ground for discussions with your instructor and classmates throughout the course. Click here for a sample Syllabus.

How long does a Semlink+ class take to complete?

Semlink+ classes last for 14 weeks and are roughly concurrent with the on-campus semesters.  All coursework must be completed within the 14-week window.  Spring Semlink+ classes begin the week after Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  Summer Semlink classes begin in mid-May, and Fall Semlink classes begin the week after Labor Day.  Click here to view a sample Course Schedule.

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