Reflections from The Power of Sabbath Event - Gordon Conwell

Reflections from The Power of Sabbath Event

On December 2, 2021, the Mockler Center for Faith and Ethics in the Public Square hosted The Power of Sabbath: A Community Conversation on Rest and Renewal in Anxious Times. The event was moderated by C. Sara Minard, PhD, Associate Director of the Mockler Center, and it explored the theological, philosophical, ethical, and scientific ideas and arguments for an embodied practice of biblical Sabbath.

Dr. Autumn Ridenour, Mockler Professor of Christian Ethics

“Sabbath points both forward to eschatology as the final Sabbath, but also backward to creation.”

Dr. Jeffrey Hanson, Mockler Senior Research Fellow, Senior Researcher with the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science’s Human Flourishing Program

“We must make time to be at peace and know God more intimately; religious leisure is thus something we have to prioritize and plan for.”

Natt Gantt, JD, Gordon-Conwell alumnus, Mockler Visiting Fellow, Professor at Harvard Law School’s Program on Biblical Law and Christian Legal Studies

“Sabbath keeping can be identity-reminding for believers in Christ.”

We invite you to visit the event page to read a full summary of each presenters’ remarks and to listen to the audio recording of the event.

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