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Applying for I-20

Requirements for receiving a Form I-20

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
ATTN: DMin Associate Registrar and Program Manager
130 Essex Street
South Hamilton, MA 01982

or Fax to: 978-646-4163

or send .PDF attachments to: [email protected]

Any questions regarding F-1 student visas and the Application for I-20/Visa Certificate should be addressed to the Associate Registrar and Program Manager for Doctor of Ministry, [email protected] at 978-646-4163  by e-mail to [email protected].

Financial Support and Certification

When completing the Application for I-20/Visa Certificate, you are required to show full proof of funding for one academic year in the amounts specified on page 2 of the application. To meet this requirement, you must submit all documents, including bank statements, support letters/affidavits of support, and any other information requested of you. Please note that the embassy/consulate will require original documents; therefore, we recommend that you request two sets of financial documents from each source of funding.

All documents must have been prepared within the last 3 months and should indicate reasonable means of support for future years.


  • First, consider the use of personal funds.
  • If necessary, seek support from family members, friends, denominational agencies, local churches, and mission boards. Each supporter must complete an Affidavit of Support and submit original bank statements proving they can support the amount pledged. In some cases, Gordon-Conwell and/or the embassy/consulate may request additional information from supporters.
  • For Doctor of Ministry, scholarships are limited. See the Tuition and Financing page for information. However, you should not plan to include these opportunities in your first year of financial support documentation.

Types of Financial Support and Required Documents

NoteAll documents must be presented in English using U.S. $ (USD) conversion. Include any conversion rates used in determining U. S. dollar equivalency.


Personal Funds Parents, Family, or Private Sponsor Organization, agency, foundation, church, or other Scholarship
Submit a copy of your personal bank statement in your own name (U.S. $) Submit a copy of the bank statement in the sponsor’s own name (U.S. $) Submit an Affidavit of Support, stating conditions of support Submit a copy of the Gordon-Conwell scholarship award letter
Or a letter from a bank official in the last 3 months showing balances to meet expenses Or a letter from a bank official in the last 3 months showing the sponsor’s balances to meet expenses
Submit an Affidavit of Support signed by a supporter

Note: Gordon-Conwell and the embassy official will subject financial documents to careful review and consideration. Especially during your visa interview, be prepared to explain all financial sources and if requested, submit additional documentation as needed.

Canadian & Bermudian Citizens

  • Canadian & Bermudian citizens are not required to obtain an F-1 visa.
  • Canadian & Bermudian citizens must, however, receive an I-20 and pay the SEVIS fee.
  • Canadians & Bermudians are required to maintain F-1 status, including provisions for employment and full time enrollment each residency period.
    • Bermuda citizens: Click here for more information.
    • Canadian citizens: Click here for more information.

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