Tuition & Financing - Doctor of Ministry Program

Tuition & Financing


Tuition is locked at the initial academic year tuition rate while someone remains an active participant of their cohort.

Tuition does not increase for students active in the track to which they matriculated (applied, accepted, and matriculation fee paid).

For Cohorts Beginning Between July 2024 and June 2025

Yearly Tuition $8080 per year
Student Services Fee $250 per year
Total cost of Program $24,990 (three years)
  • With 46 credit hours, tuition is divided to roughly $539 per credit hour.

*Tuition for students approved to Advanced Standing is less, being billed two years of tuition.

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Ministry Funding

If your context understands this is an investment in their own future as well as yours, they may be willing to take on this expense. Considering sharing your vision for these studies and asking your church, or parachurch organization, to underwrite tuition costs.

If you wish, Gordon-Conwell will write to your board to propose this. Please e-mail us to request this letter.

If you have a single ministry sharing the cost of the program with you, you may want to consider a continuing education loan. Your may consider an interest-bearing escrow fund into which you and your ministry contribute on a regular basis. Upon the timely completion of your work, when the loan falls due, you can pay off the loan completely with the escrow fund. Accumulated interest can revert back to the church or be used to cover graduation fees, thesis-project binding, etc.

If you have multiple donors, you may want to consider the Gordon-Conwell Partnership Program.

Partnership Program

The Partnership Program is designed to provide a Full Tuition Scholarship for US citizens, along with a number of co-curricular activities and resources in biblical stewardship and personal financial planning. You must be accepted into the Doctor of Ministry program first, before applying to the Partnership Program. If you are then accepted into the Partnership Program, you do not have to pay the $900 matriculation fee to confirm your seat in the program. Please send a copy of your PP acceptance letter to Admissions in lieu of the matriculation fee.

Please keep in mind strict Partnership Program application deadlines as you seek admission to the Doctor of Ministry program.
The Partnership Program cannot be combined with any other Gordon-Conwell scholarships.

Gordon-Conwell Scholarships

Need-Based Scholarship

A limited number of scholarships of up to one-fourth of tuition (funds permitting) are awarded by Gordon-Conwell to outstanding enrolled students based on need, ministry experience, and future ministry goals. Only 1 scholarship is available per 12 students in a given cohort. Please use this application to apply for this limited scholarship.

Team Ministry Grant

The Team Ministry Grant is a need-based scholarship available to qualified married couples pursuing the same level of seminary studies together. This grant can cover 50% of one spouse’s tuition cost during the time that both spouses are concurrently enrolled at the same level of studies. For more information please look contact Donna Mayhugh at [email protected].

Outside Sources of Funding


American Baptist Church International Student Scholarship

If you are a member of the ABC and from an ethnic group whose first language is other than English and you are in or preparing for ministry in the United States with that ethnic group, you may want to check out the International Baptist Seminary Scholarship Fund.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

If you are on staff with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), they annually provide a full tuition scholarship for one qualifying staff member to pursue their Doctor of Ministry degree through Gordon-Conwell. Please look at these documents regarding the application and further information.


If you are full-time staff with Pioneers, and meet their qualifying criteria, you may receive up to a 50% tuition discount for Doctor of Ministry studies through Gordon-Conwell. Interested students must contact their supervisor and/or HR office at Pioneers in order to confirm eligibility and request a Pioneers discount form.


If you have no church or para-church organization backing, you may want to check out The Fund for Theological Education.

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