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Student Health Insurance

Massachusetts Law requires that all students enrolled three-quarters full-time have “suitable” health insurance coverage. Therefore, all South Hamilton and Boston students enrolled in 6 or more credits are required to show proof of suitable health insurance coverage. There are several ways to meet the state’s requirement.

  • Students with existing insurance coverage may submit a waiver providing proof of insurance. Please note that the existing insurance coverage must provide a certain amount of medical coverage (comparable to the Seminary’s insurance plan). Students can submit proof of appropriate coverage by completing the online waiver form.
  • Students without existing coverage are highly encouraged to explore options for suitable insurance coverage prior to enrolling in the Seminary’s plan. The Massachusetts Connector Authority’s Student Health Insurance Program page is a helpful resource to understand the state’s regulations. In addition, students can search for insurance plans and submit an application for tax credits. We encourage all students without existing coverage to search for suitable options through the Massachusetts Connector website since many are able to find affordable options through this resource. Students who do enroll in a plan other than the seminary’s plan, must also submit an online waiver showing proof of coverage.

View our Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Student Health Plan billed?

The Student Health Plan offered through Gordon-Conwell is billed once per semester for enrolled students.  The charge appears on the student’s Student Account with Gordon-Conwell, along with tuition and other fees. Students may view their bill online at the “My Ledger” link on CAMS.

Rates for 2018-2019
Student Only
$6,138 total for the Year (9/1/18 – 8/31/19) billed in two increments;
$2,302 for Fall (9/1/18 – 1/14/19); $3,836 for Spring (1/15/19 – 8/31/19)
Student Plus One
$12,890 total for the Year (9/1/18 – 8/31/19) billed in two increments;
$4,834 for Fall (9/1/18 – 1/14/19); $8,056 for Spring (1/15/19 – 8/31/19)
Student Plus Family
$20,254 total for the Year (9/1/18 8/31/19 billed in two increments;
$7,596 for Fall (9/1/18- 1/14/19); $12,658 for Spring (1/15/19- 8/31/19)

Do I have to enroll in some type of health insurance while I am a student at Gordon-Conwell?

Yes, if you are enrolled in 6 or more credits in one semester (Fall and/or Spring), then you MUST have suitable medical insurance.

The requirement applies to you only for the semester in which you are enrolled in the minimum required credits.

Specifically, if you are enrolled in the minimum required credits, you are required by Massachusetts Law to enroll in either the Student Health Plan offered through Gordon-Conwell or to enroll in an alternate health insurance plan with “comparable coverage.”

Am I eligible for the Student Health Plan offered through Gordon-Conwell?

South Hamilton and Boston Campus students are eligible if they are enrolled in the minimum required credits. If you are not enrolled in the minimum required credits, you are not eligible for the Student Health Plan. If you are eligible and enrolled for Fall term and become ineligible in the Spring (because enrollment changes), then you must be removed from insurance enrollment. Student must maintain the minimum number of credit hours in Fall and Spring terms to remain enrolled in the student insurance plan.

Charlotte and Jacksonville students are not eligible for the Student Health Plan.

Where can I find an alternative healthcare plan?

Although the seminary can only officially advise on the approved plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield, you may want to explore other health plan options through MA Health Connector for more information. Click here.

Can students waive inclusion in Gordon-Conwell’s Student Health Plan?


Yes, if they enroll in an alternate health insurance plan with “comparable coverage.” If you are enrolled in six or more credits in one semester, you must submit a waiver form online before the Spring waiver deadline of February 1, 2019. Students can waive inclusion only if they show proof of comparable coverage through another health insurance provider before this date.  Specifically, the plan must be deemed by the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance & Policy (DHCFP) as “comparable coverage” to the Student Health Plan offered through Gordon-Conwell. To determine suitability of a health care plan and its compliance to DHCFP, please click here. Please be advised that Christian health share plans (eg. Samaritan Ministries) do NOT satisfy Massachusetts state laws regarding health insurance for students.

When you fill out the waiver form, you must supply the following information:

  1. Name, address, and telephone number of your current insurance company
  2. Name of the policy holder
  3. Policy number
  4. Policy start and expiration date (if applicable) under which you are covered
  5. If the policy is from a U.S. based insurance carrier (per MA State law)

If you have already waived coverage for previous academic years, you still need to submit a waiver form for 2018-2019. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that Gordon-Conwell collect this information each year. The next time we will accept waivers is at the start of the Fall semester.

How can new students enroll?

New students in Fall term may enroll by completing the online enrollment form. New students in the Summer term will complete a paper form — please see the Office of Student Life Services or email [email protected]. Remember to complete each relevant field of the form (online or paper) and ensure that you are eligible for coverage. Contact Student Life Services to inquire about insurance enrollment and eligibility.

Can students enroll dependents on the plan?

Yes, you can add dependents not previously covered on the plan before the semester deadline. To enroll dependents, the student must also be eligible for insurance enrollment and must be enrolled on the insurance for the semester/year the dependents are enrolled. To enroll dependents click here.

Does the insurance cover dental or vision?

Generally, the student insurance does not cover dental or vision. However, optional dental and vision plans are available for purchase through University Health Plans. Click here for more information on dental and vision insurance, including costs and enrollment procedures. Please be advised the Student Health Plan does include one eye exam every two years. The plan will cover a variety of dental services for members under the age of 19.

If students miss the waiver deadline, will they be charged for the Student Health Plan?

Yes, enrollment and/or waiver forms must be submitted by the waiver deadline to be effective. Your ability to waive inclusion on the Student Health Plan will no longer be available after September 28, 2018. Eligible students who fail to waive in a timely fashion will be billed the Student Only rate (per MA State law).

What if a student waived inclusion in the Student Health Plan, but his or her health insurance coverage ends before the next enrollment deadline? Can that student enroll in the student health insurance after the enrollment deadline (i.e. sometime during the semester)?

Yes. Losing existing coverage is considered a “qualified event.” In this instance, you can enroll in the plan after the enrollment deadline provided you do so before 60 days after the expiration of your previous coverage. To complete this request, you must present documentation of your previous coverage and termination date (typically referred to as “End of Coverage” letter by insurance carriers). Please complete the “Qualifying Event” form, and turn it in with supporting documentation to the Office of Student Life Services. We will review your eligibility to enroll in the student health plan, based on this form and supporting documentation.

How do I find a doctor/provider?

Click here to find a doctor/provider. And click here to review a PowerPoint presentation from BCBS for more information about finding a mental health provider.

How should I request a Form 1099 for tax purposes?

If you need a Form 1099 for tax purposes, please contact Blue Cross Blue Shield directly to request the form by calling 888-753-6615. Typically, Form 1099 is mailed by health insurance companies at the end of January each year. The health insurance companies send the form to the address that they have on file, so if you have changed your address or the address on file is not a Massachusetts address, you may not have received your form.


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