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Update from President Sunquist: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Dear Gordon-Conwell Community:

We are going through unchartered territory with the present pandemic. It is now official since countries all over the world are being infected by a rare virus that is devastating for older people, but seems to have close to 0% mortality for children under 8 years old. It spreads rapidly through minimal social contact. We are still learning about its nature, its dangers, and its weaknesses.

We have not encountered a time where universities close, schools close, major conferences and sporting events cancel. Even the Olympics and graduations may be canceled.

Again, it is unchartered territory. But Jesus is still on the throne and in a year or so we will be on the other side of this unknown global experience. We must think and act day by day to protect lives, and (at the same time we must) think long term what is best for our students, our institution and our witness in this globalized existence.

Tomorrow, Friday, March 13th we will be sending to each campus (and to our Board of Trustees) instructions about how we are going to move forward in the coming weeks. Each of our campuses are in unique settings. While we have common commitments and beliefs, we have unique contexts, so the response in Boston will be different from Jacksonville, etc.

In the midst of what the WHO has now labeled a “pandemic,” we continue in our prayers, study, service and Christian witness.



A Christian Response to Pandemics

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