One Gordon-Conwell

Five Necessary Adjustments

In order to move toward an education model that is economically viable while remaining true to our unchanging mission, we are pursuing five concurrent adjustments:

  1. Increase enrollment
  2. Increase giving to the seminary
  3. Expand revenue opportunities in our centers
  4. Reduce the number of degrees
  5. Simplify structures, policies & procedures

As new announcements are formalized, we will update the five associated sections below:

Adjustment 1

Increase Enrollment

We are merging our campus admissions teams into One Gordon-Conwell team to better recruit students across the entire institution. This unified team will strengthen our efforts by adapting to needs across campuses and deploying resources where and when needed.

Aug 22, 2019 — Chris Anderson Appointed New Executive Director of Admissions & Enrollment

Adjustment 2

Increasing giving & donor base

We will continue to leverage the talent and expertise of Bill Hausman through December 2019, while we aggressively pursue the selection of a VP of Advancement.

Sept 05, 2019 — Neely Gaston Appointed as Special Advancement Advisor With Focus on the Education Fund and Scholarships, covering Southeast.

Adjustment 3

Expand revenue opportunities in our centers

We will more clearly define global and domestic institutes. We will expand co-curricular program offerings (certificates, non-academic MOUs, etc.) through our centers; and we will streamline processes and policies across those centers.

Adjustment 4

Reduce the number of degrees

Under the leadership of Don Fairbairn, we are reducing our current 27 degree programs to 6 academic degrees, with customization via concentrations within degrees. We will place an emphasis on regular faculty teaching as many courses as possible with less dependence on adjunct faculty. We will ensure that current and future MOUs align with core offerings of our academic degrees.

Adjustment 5

Simplify structures, policies & procedures

In order to move towards a robust system of distributed leadership across One Gordon-Conwell, we are adopting a matrix administration with clearly defined vertical and horizontal lines of accountability.

Sept 05, 2019 — The Charlotte and Jacksonville campuses will be merging staff and resources.

Sept 05, 2019 — Brad Howell will provide leadership to digital teaching & learning from the Charlotte campus, as well as administrative oversight of our united southeast campuses.


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