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Distance does not mean disconnected. Gordon-Conwell is committed to bringing the seminary experience to each student wherever he or she lives.

Student Life

In addition to a robust theological education, Gordon-Conwell fosters a vibrant and caring community of learners whether online or at one of our four campuses. The following are just some ways that Gordon-Conwell serves online students:

  • Digital Course Formats – Most of our degree programs are distance-friendly through a variety of course formats.
  • Course Interactivity – Online students are active participants in all of their classes.  Classes are built around substantive regular interaction between students and faculty and students and other students. This is achieved through video conferencing, group projects/activities, threaded discussions, peer review, and much more!
  • Integrative Events – Online programs students attend one integrative event each semester online. Past topics have included leadership, ministry burnout, biblical archaeology, early Christianity, race and culture, sexual ethics, among many others.
  • Online Orientation – All online programs students are oriented through both a robust online on-demand orientation and a live orientation day experience.
  • Study Groups – Online students can easily form study groups and use provided video conference rooms to meet.
  • Soul Care Groups – Soul care groups are required for students in the Primarily Online M.Div. program and are optional for others.  Students receive spiritual care and support under the direction of a trained Pierce Fellow.
  • Lodging – When students do come to campus, Gordon-Conwell maintains a list of discounted hotels as well as a Student Lodging Network for free or reduced cost short-term housing.

Student Support

In addition to the online community that students are immersed into, online programs students have access to multiple layers of support. Every aspect of your program, from the moment you request information, through graduation has been developed to include the most effective support for you. Students will have access to multiple levels of support throughout their program.

Student Success Counselor

Each student is assigned a Student Success Counselor upon Admission. Think of this person as your “seminary R.A.”  They are there when you need them to help answer your questions and to provide coaching and prayer support. Students may contact the Student Success Team with questions regarding the following:

  • General program policies and processes
  • Upcoming classes
  • Book ordering
  • Residency logistics
  • Community life
  • Prayer support

Registration Team

Our Registration Team is always available to help a student in need. Students may contact the Registration Team with questions regarding:

  • Course registration/availability
  • Grade disputes
  • Transfer credit evaluation
  • International student visas
  • Graduation eligibility
  • Academic dishonesty/plagiarism accusations
  • Prayer support

Course Instructors

Our Course Instructors are understanding about the challenges that today’s seminary students face. Students may contact the Course Instructors with questions regarding:

  • Course content and assignments
  • Course grades
  • Late work and course extensions
  • Career and vocation advisement
  • Prayer support

Technical Service Desk

Even with the best laid plans, sometimes technology fails.  That’s why Gordon-Conwell maintains a Technical Service Desk. Students may contact the Technical Service Desk  with questions regarding:

  • Student portals
  • Course media
  • Logging in/password reset
  • Other technical concerns
  • Prayer support

Local Mentors

Students in online ministry programs will identify mentors in their local communities to supervise their Mentored Ministry/Internship in Leadership rotations.

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