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Serve the Kingdom,

Not Your Debt

Graduate Debt-Free

More than ever, students now are questioning the age-old “wisdom” that they should take on massive amounts of debt to finance their education. What if there was a way within the Kingdom itself for believers to support students who are following God’s call on their lives? Learn how Gordon-Conwell’s Partnership Program can empower you to graduate debt-free.

Join the Jubilee

Our Commitments

In the Old Testament, the Jubilee was a radical event that happened once every 50 years. All debts were canceled, and people were lifted out of bondage. The Partnership Program is a clear and tangible manifestation of God’s Jubilee being declared here and today, for us to “proclaim liberty throughout the land,” as it says in Leviticus 25. You can break the bonds of student debt over your life as you prepare to serve the Kingdom through the Church, workplace, or academy.

Program Benefits

  • A familiar yet unique support-raising structure that covers the cost of tuition in its entirety.
  • Practical training in fundraising and stewardship.
  • Freedom from additional debt and financial anxiety.
  • Continuing opportunities to strengthen ties with church, family, and friends.
  • All gifts made by your donors are tax-deductible to them.

Selection Criteria

  • Commitment to the local church or strong sense of calling as evidenced by three references. For those newly applying to Gordon-Conwell, this will be fulfilled by the references in their school application. Current students will need to provide updated references.
  • U.S. Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents.
  • Academic excellence.
  • All incoming students and current students in Master’s degree programs and Doctor of Ministry (DMin) may apply.
  • For the Master of Theology (ThM), only existing Partnership students continuing from another degree may apply.

Bring Your Team

Your Commitments

As the saying goes, it takes a village. You are not coming to seminary alone. With the Partnership Program you are bringing your entire team with you, to support you through the journey. We equip and train you in stewardship and fundraising so that you can raise up networks of support, both prayerful and financial support.


  • Students meeting the criteria listed under ‘Selection Criteria’ should apply as they submit their GCTS application. Current students may apply for the upcoming semester.
  • Acceptance to the Program is contingent on the student’s full acceptance and matriculation to their degree program. If accepted into the Partnership Program, Gordon-Conwell provides the student with a Full-Tuition Scholarship.
  • Identify, through your personal network, individual donors who will give to the Partnership Program Fund and support them in prayer. Contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Identify, where applicable, a sending church or churches that will commit to supporting you as a student.
  • During your time at Gordon-Conwell, you receive focused biblical, theological, and historical training in stewardship.
  • Keep up to date with all Program coursework and monthly updates.

Funding Goals and Scenarios

Every student’s support structure will be a unique reflection of their particular network of individual and church supporters. Some of our students have multiple sending churches, while others have none. Many of our students receive gifts through for-profits/non-profits instead of individuals. Some individual supporters get corporate matching gifts from their places of employment. No two students will have support structures that are identical, but the scenarios below provide examples of what a student’s funding goal and structure may look like.

Part-Time Partnership Program: $6,200 per year ($3,100 each semester)

(12 or less credit hours/year)

  • 7 supporters giving $65/month.
  • $1,000 commitment from a sending church per year.

Half-Time Partnership Program: $9,300 per year ($4,650 each semester)

(13 to 18 credit hours/year)

  • 10 supporters giving $65/month.
  • $1,500 commitment from a sending church per year.

Full-Time Partnership Program: $15,500 per year ($7,750 each semester)

(19 or more credit hours/year)

  • 15 supporters giving $75/month.
  • $2,000 commitment from a sending church per year.

*These figures are for demonstration purposes only, and can be customized according to each student’s unique support group.

Application Deadlines

Apply today for the Partnership Program, even while your degree application is in-process. Entry into the Program and all subsequent tuition benefits are contingent upon successful acceptance into a degree program and full matriculation. The deadlines for each semester are:

Fall Semester



Spring Semester



Summer Term



Partnership Program Forms

Applicant Forms:

Sponsor Forms:

Completed forms can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to the following address:

Partnership Program
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