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Women at Gordon-Conwell

As a Woman, Why Study at Gordon-Conwell?

Whether your calling is to full-time ministry, lay ministry, the workplace or the academy, Gordon-Conwell supports women with rigorous theological education in all of our programs. We believe that “the privilege of teaching and studying the Word of God at seminary knows no gender distinction, and that, indeed, the perspectives of both genders are essential for the fullest understanding of biblical texts, incisive theological reflection, and healthy community.” [1]

We invite you to pursue your calling through our degree and non-degree programs and to partake in our vision of being “a thoughtful, loving, Christ-centered community of global discipleship.” 

The History of Women at Gordon-Conwell

Gordon-Conwell has a rich and unique history beginning with its founders, Rev. A. J. and Maria Gordon, who together started the coeducational Boston Missionary Training School in 1889. Since the origin of our school, women have always been included in the evangelical training of pastors and missionaries. One of A. J. Gordon’s articles written in 1894 was recently republished in Gordon-Conwell’s Africanus Journal, titled “The Ministry of Women.” It was a revolutionary message in support of women in 1894 and is still relevant today.

Seeing the need for a strong, evangelical seminary in the Northeast, famed evangelist Rev. Billy Graham, Dr. Harold John Ockenga and philanthropist J. Howard Pew oversaw the merger of Conwell School of Theology (originally a part of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA) and Gordon Divinity School (formerly the Boston Missionary Training Institute and later Gordon College of Theology and Mission) in 1969. Their combined vision for the newly-formed Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary was to “establish within a strong evangelical framework, an independent, interdenominational seminary whose constituents are united in the belief that the Bible is the infallible, authoritative Word of God…consecrated to educating men and women in all facets of gospel outreach.”

Remaining faithful to the vision of our founders, Gordon-Conwell continues to train men and women who are passionate about spreading the gospel in today’s culture. In 2018, former President Dennis Hollinger reaffirmed Gordon-Conwell’s longstanding commitment to women in ministry.

Be Equipped by Women to be a Woman who Equips

Women Faculty & Adjunct Faculty

Be equipped for your calling by learning from women faculty and adjunct faculty in all of our departments: Biblical Studies, Christian Thought and Practical Theology. As an integral part of the Seminary, these women, many of whom are ordained ministers, are experts in their fields with extensive experience in both academic and ministerial worlds. Along with all of Gordon-Conwell, they are here to support your academic success and calling.

Dr. Gwenfair Adams

Professor of Church History


Dr. Patricia Batten

Ranked Adjunct Professor of Preaching, Associate Director of the Haddon W. Robinson Center for Preaching, Chapel Advisor


Dr. Carolina Benitez

Assistant Professor of Counseling


Dr. Pam Davis

Associate Professor of Counseling, Director of the Charlotte Counseling Program


Dr.Eun Ah Cho

Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies and Dean of the Ockenga Institute


Ms. Quonekuia Day

Instructor of Old Testament


Dr. Katherine Horvath

Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology


Dr. Carol Kaminski

Professor of Old Testament


Dr. Angie Kim

Assistant Professor of Counseling


Dr. Karen Mason

Professor of Counseling and Psychology, Director of the Hamilton Counseling Department


Dr. Catherine McDowell

Associate Professor of Old Testament


Dr. Christine Palmer

Adjunct Professor of Old Testament


Dr. Donna Petter

Associate Professor of Old Testament, Director of the Hebrew Language Program


Dr. Virginia Ward

Dean of the Boston Campus, Executive Director for the Northeast Region


Dr. Gina A. Zurlo

Adjunct Faculty of World Christianity and Mission, Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity


What to Study at Gordon-Conwell?

Specific Courses on Women

Your studies at Gordon-Conwell will take you deeper into God’s Word and prepare you for Kingdom work. Our offerings include graduate certificate programs, master’s degrees and doctoral programs.

We regularly offer specific courses on women such as:

As a Gordon-Conwell student, you are also able take classes through the Boston Theological Institute (BTI) at schools like Boston College, Boston University and Harvard Divinity School.

Campus Resources

Charlotte Campus

Women en Biblical Studies (WEBS)

Women en Biblical Studies is a Charlotte-based group for female students with a keen interest in biblical studies. WEBS meets monthly for personal, professional and spiritual fellowship, support and development. Women are invited to present their research, discuss key issues in biblical studies with others in the field and meet with publishers. To become involved or to learn more about starting WEBS on your campus, please contact Dr. Catherine McDowell.

Hamilton Campus & Beyond

The Women’s Council

The Women’s Council provides scholarships for Hamilton students and opportunities for fellowship among women who share an interest in the Seminary. While events are held on the Hamilton campus, all women are invited to the special events which feature luncheons, music and speakers from the Gordon-Conwell community, including scholarship recipients. Visit The Women’s Council for more information.

Hamilton Campus

Women’s Resource Senator

The Women’s Resource Senator plans a variety of formational events throughout the year for female students on the Hamilton campus. For more information, please visit the Student Association page.

Alumni Stories

While at Gordon-Conwell, I learned about the necessity of representation as a black woman in a predominately white society and how that plays out ethically and theologically. Reading books by woman and feminist theologians combined with conversing with other women on campus who understand the pressures and challenges that women face while at seminary enhanced my experience greatly.

Denicia Ratley, MAME ’15 & MATH ’16 Assistant Director of Faith, Reflection & Chaplaincy at Babson College

I am grateful to God for the theological training I received at Gordon-Conwell. I chose Gordon-Conwell because of its commitment to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to the truthfulness of the Scriptures; its emphasis on the local church; its legacy of training in expositional preaching; its passion for evangelism and global missions; and its cultural and theological diversity. But I could not have anticipated how the Lord would bless me relationally. The Lord granted me many refreshing and transformative relationships within my local church. He also provided deep friendships with my classmates and my professors, and I still partner with many of them in regular prayer and encouragement in our various spheres of service. Above all, the Lord strengthened my love for him as I pressed into his Word.

Mary Willson, MDiv ’09 & Th.M. ’10, Ph.D. Student in the Old Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School & Associate Director of Women’s Initiatives for The Gospel Coalition

Gordon-Conwell embraces women who want to be equipped for the work of the ministry.  I was challenged by the passion the professors showed for Christ and also for us.  I changed from the MAR to the MDiv after my first year at Gordon-Conwell. I would have gone on to pursue an academic career had I not been convinced to give my life to full-time ministry within that first year.  One of my professors sat with me for hours to listen to me and prayed for me.  Their wisdom and guidance challenged me and changed the trajectory of my life from only pursuing a career to pursuing the Lord Himself.

Yukari Hata, MDiv ’13 & Th.M. ’15, Assistant Pastor at Shukugawa Bible Church, Japan


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