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The Student Association

The Student Association is a democratic organization whose membership is drawn from all students on the Hamilton campus. The Association consists of an executive committee and ambassadors for each standing committee.

The Student Association, working with Student Life Services, provides an official voice for student business before the faculty, administration, and trustees. It seeks to promote Christian community in the student body through its various committees.

Contact the SA Ambassadors at [email protected]


Student Ambassadors

Executive Committee

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Standing Committees

  • African Students
  • Black Students
  • Chinese Students
  • Creation Care
  • Family Life
  • Fine Arts / KALOS
  • Health & Wellness

Standing Committees 

  • International Students
  • Justice
  • Korean Students
  • Latino Students
  • Men’s Resource
  • Spiritual Life
  • Women’s Resource


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