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Student Life at Gordon-Conwell

Welcome to Student Life Services! Gordon-Conwell is a school where community life is taken seriously. It is acknowledged that development is an integral part of preparation for ministry, and this development involves the many dimensions of human personality. Furthermore, this time of preparation is best understood as a period when relationships are emphasized, and the sharing of life’s moments, insights, and substance is encouraged.

Our Mission

All of the aspects of community life are drawn from the basic conviction that God created us to live together; that Christ died and rose again so that we could live together; that our Lord will return to receive all of the ‘household of faith’ to live together forever; and that Scripture has been given to the human as the ultimate authority and guide for all of our living. The Community Life Statement serves as the guide for our life together.


The philosophy of Student Life Services is that student development is an integral part of preparation for ministry, and this development involves the many dimensions of human personality. The SLS office operates from the premise that growth and development are shaped by a student’s surroundings and that a valuable part of the Seminary learning experience is spent outside the classroom. As Student Life Services staff, we strive to create, direct, and support environments and programs, which complement classroom learning and provide opportunities where students can learn how to live productive lives for the sake of advancing Christ’s Kingdom. We serve, encourage, and nurture students in Christian community. Our approach is proactive and cooperative, with an emphasis on understanding our student constituency, anticipating their needs, and responding in a timely and constructive fashion. Integral to our efforts will be the ongoing evaluation and assessment of policies and procedures, which will seek to remove barriers that unnecessarily obstruct students’ educational progress and personal development.

Contact Information

The Office of Student Life Services is located in Room Kerr 318. Our hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The Student Life Office is closed during the Chapel hour on Wednesdays from 11:00 am-12:00 noon.

Our contact number is (978) 646-4071. You also may email Jana Holiday, Dean of Student Life Services, at [email protected].

New to the Area?

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View information about the Bennett Center, the workout facility on the campus of Gordon College.

Lost something? or Found something? Come to the Student Life Services office in Kerr 318. Please do not bring any clothing, food, or drink.

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