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Find A Church

At Gordon-Conwell, we believe active participation in community worship and prayer within a local church context is an essential component of seminary life. For that reason, we have developed this directory as a resource to help you identify churches in the Greater Boston area. We encourage you to determine the suitability of any church for you and your family. Please note that this is not a recommendation or endorsement of the following churches and is not to be used for solicitation purposes under any circumstance.

Feel free to contact the Student Life Services office at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for further assistance ([email protected] or 978-646-4071). For information on denominations, please utilize this resource: DENOMINATIONAL CHART. 

Advent Christian
African Methodist Episcopal

Assemblies of God
Chinese churches
Christian Missionary Alliance
Church of Christ
Church of God
Eastern Orthodox
Evangelical Covenant
Grace Brethren
Korean churches
Latino churches
Non-Denominational / Associations
Seventh-Day Adventist

Denominations and Gordon-Conwell

Gordon-Conwell is proud of its history of evangelical ecumenism as our students, staff, and faculty hail from a wide variety of denominational backgrounds.

The Mentored Ministry/Career Services Department has created a Denominational Chart for use by our students and those interested in comparing distinctives of various Christian denominations. Please read more about church denominations and view the denominational chart here.

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