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Gordon-Conwell—Hamilton’s Dean’s Forum exists to explore topics of church, culture, and theology in a casual atmosphere with more depth than is often possible in classes. We invite our community and the general public to join us for these monthly discussions on a variety of topics. This academic year, all forums will be live streamed on Facebook. RSVP is only required for our limited in-person attendance and lunch. Please see below for more information on our upcoming events.

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Upcoming Livestreams

Are our bodies merely biological categories or are they also theological categories? Join Dr. Tim Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary, as he explores the contours of the Christian vision of the body and human sexuality.

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A Pastor’s Forum with Dr. Tennent will follow. An additional RSVP is required. 

Join Dr. Gordon Hugenberger, Senior Professor of Old Testament, as he gives an overview and develops some basic principles of justice in the Old Testament that aid in the interpretation of challenging texts.

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Previous Livestreams

This talk focused on pastoral challenges and best approaches in providing spiritual care within the context of serious illness.

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Dr. Dorothy Boorse is Professor of Biology at Gordon College, and she is passionate about connecting science and faith communities. She will help us explore how we can care for creation and for our fellow humans in light of a theology of reconciliation.

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Dr. Aaron Howard, Pastor of Worship and Reconciliation for All Souls Church in Nashville, will lead us in exploring Pentecostal forms of embodied worship to retrieve a more holistic approach to corporate and individual worship.

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Dr. Matthew Kim, George F. Bennett Professor of Preaching and Practical Theology, will speak about his new book, Preaching to People in Pain. We will also hear from Pastor Bobby Warrenburg of North Shore Community Baptist Church.

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How can we practice communication that serves both church and society while being true to God’s Word? Join us to hear from Dr. Quentin Schultze, Professor of Communication Emeritus at Calvin University, and Dr. Jeffrey Arthurs, Robinson Chair of Preaching and Communication at Gordon-Conwell.

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A diverse panel of our faculty will reflect on how we can be the body—diverse yet with full equity and genuine inclusion.

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Dr. Dennis Hollinger, Colman M. Mockler Distinguished Professor of Christian Ethics, will help us to understand transgender realities and suggest theological, ethical, and pastoral responses with a view towards truth, conviction, civility and love.

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Dr. David Johnston, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, will share how Christians can best engage with Muslims on the topics of justice and love. Dr. Johnston is author of Muslims and Christians Debate Justice and Love.

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Dr. Charles Slagen, Executive Director of Hope Psychological Services and former marriage and family therapy instructor at Gordon-Conwell, will explore upcoming shifts in marriage and ways of ministering to millennials.

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Come and hear our own Dr. Karen Mason, Director of the Hamilton Counseling Department, and Dr. David Currie, Dean of the Doctor of Ministry Program, discuss how churches can help prevent suicide.

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