Who can register online?

Any returning student (except Diploma and International Students) is eligible to register online during active registration periods. We advise you to meet with your academic advisor prior to registering to ensure you are choosing the correct classes. 

How can I register online?

Step 1: Login to your CAMS student portal

Step 2: Click "Registration" on the left hand side of the screen

Step 3: (Optional) Click "Show Filter" and choose classes you'd like to see in the list based on Campus, Day of offering, etc. 

Step 4: Click the gray button next to the class you'd like to register for and click "Process Registration" at the top or bottom of your screen. 

For more detailed instructions including photos click here for a guide



Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled or you will not be able to access the online registration page. Also make sure you have selected the correct term.

If you have problems related to IT (eg. trouble logging into the student portal, a consistently self-cancelling registration session, etc.) please contact the Boston IT Service Desk Technician, Dawn Mackey: dmackey@gordonconwell.edu.  

If you have questions or issues related to registration policies or a hold on your account please contact the Boston Registration office at cumereg@gcts.edu.