Events and Opportunities

The J Christy Wilson Jr. Center for World Missions offers a variety of events, including chapels, lunch forums, open house venues and lectures, which focus on various geographical areas, major religions, and types of global ministry opportunities. Throughout the year, we also host international guests, sponsor cross-cultural and service-learning experiences and have the opportunity to engage on a variety of topics related to the global mission of the church.

Prayer for the Nations

Every Weekday | 1:00 – 1:20 p.m | Zoom link – see email to students

20 Minutes Each Day, One Nation a Time
Come as you are and join our student leaders praying for God’s work to be done on earth.Prayer for the Nations is currently praying through all the nations of the world. Contact [email protected] for zoom link to join us in prayer.

Global Missions Week

September 29 – 30, 2020 | 11:10 a.m. | Kaiser Chapel

Join us during Global Missions Week for two chapel services focused on Missions Across Cultures. Genevieve Pierre will be speaking on Tuesday, September 29th, and Rob Antonucci, Assistant Director of the Center for World Missions, will be speaking on September 30th. If you are unable to attend in person, we invite you to join our livestream on Facebook. To view and share the event flyer, click here.

Life in Missions Lunch Conversation

Selected Dates  |  Lunch Hour  |  Online Zoom link

Intimate without intimidating – small enough just for you to ask any questions about life, ministry and the world. Ongoing this year, Wilson Center will be hosting casual lunch conversations with special guests who have traveled and worked extensively in a cross-cultural setting.  Grab your lunch, sit down and join us. Come and go as you need.

Subjects, times and locations TBA – Contact [email protected]

Dinner for All Nations

canceled due to COVID restrictions  |  5:30 – 7:30 pm  |  Alumni Hall

Experience the sound, sight, and taste of different cultures! A campus-wide potluck and a microcosm of the heavenly celebration of our community – we want to see every nation represented. This is a time to celebrate the cultural diversity in our community and the work God is doing around the world! This dinner is co-sponsored by the Wilson Center for World Missions and Student Life Services.

Overseas Missions Practicum (OMP)

For students who are looking to be a part of the Overseas Missions Practicum this summer, the deadline for applications is NOW. The potential trips we are offering: Dubai, India, China, Uganda, Athens, Sierra Leone and Japan. Contact [email protected] for any questions.

Short Term Missions – Long Term Strategic Goals

The Overseas Missions Practicum is an opportunity for Gordon-Conwell students to travel to cross-cultural locations around the world where they can learn to serve the poor, share their faith and network with Christians and missionaries from a broad spectrum of other cultures and church traditions.

Every year, students are invited to partner with one of several ministries overseas with which the OMP program has long-standing partnerships or to embark on practicum trips of their own design with other approved ministries.  Please check out the options for more information about the program.
OMP trips last for at least 6 weeks and involve substantial on-campus preparation.

Class credit is available, sign up for WM 721 (Summer session I) and/or get 2 Mentored Ministry Units.

The potential trips we are offering for summer 2021 – Dubai, India, Uganda, North Africa, Japan, Athens, Greece (working among refugees), and Sierra Leone. Additionally we are developing local cross-cultural opportunities for summer 2021 in Boston and NYC area.

We are always looking for students who have a burden for a place who may be interested in leading a student team as well! Contact [email protected]

First OMP interest meeting September 23 (noon – 1 PM) and 7 – 8 PM in the evening: contac [email protected] for Zoom link.  (monthly interest meetings till January, attend once & optional for further interest meetings)

Mandatory orientation classes: Wednesdays: Feb. 3, Mar. 3, April 7 & Mid-April Chapel commissioning in the evening at S. Hamilton campus with Zoom link for classes. Additionally, there will be a chapel commissioning for OMPers mid-April

All dates TBD exactly & costs are based around airfare and are subject to change due to lack of interest and/or political/security concerns. Applicants will be interviewed & will now be required to have a CORI check. Application link coming soon.

About OMP


The objective of the OMP is to mobilize, train and send out teams of students into cross-cultural areas around the world where they can learn to serve the poor, share their faith and network with Christians and missionaries from a broad spectrum of other cultures and church traditions.

Program Description

The OMP program offers students course credits in missions and the option of two units of mentored ministry. WM721, offered over three weekends during the spring semester, is the prerequisite orientation class for all OMP participants (including non-student spouses who wish to go). This is followed by a contextualized, field-based learning experience of supervised cross-cultural ministry. It is required for all pursuing an M.A. in Intercultural Studies, and it is also open to all members of the Seminary community. All participants must be endorsed and sent by a local church.

Class Credit for OMP:

WM721: Overseas Missions Practicum (may be audited)
Up to 2 units of Mentored Ministry

The OMP Process

Students who are interested in participating in an OMP for the next summer should submit an application online. The Wilson Center will review the application and notify you of your acceptance via email. Students are responsible for registering the courses WM721 for the Summer semester respectively, and participate in fundraising as a team for their trip.

For more information, please contact the Wilson Center for World Missions.

Overseas Missions Practicum (OMP)

An opportunity for Gordon-Conwell students to travel around the world where they can learn to serve the poor, share their faith and network with Christians from a broad spectrum of other cultures and church traditions.

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