Integration & Diversity - Gordon Conwell


What do we mean by integrating theology and counseling theory at Gordon-Conwell?

Integration is a variety of psychological theories, informed by diverse theological positions, which together help us to understand the complexity of human nature and functioning (Psychology & Christianity: Four Views, Johnson & Jones, 2000, pp. 152–153).

At Gordon-Conwell, this integration is found in the:

  • Degree Requirements — the MACC degrees includes courses in theology and biblical studies
  • Course Lecture Content — professors inform counseling theories with theological perspectives
  • Class Discussion — through the topics and content of class discussions
  • Required Readings — courses use a mixture of secular and Christian authors
  • Academic Work — assignments for courses include research and papers which incorporate theological perspectives and counseling theories
  • Counseling Retreat — this weekend experience provides time for networking, spiritual growth and personal renewal
  • Faculty — our full-time resident faculty all hold advanced degrees from Christian institutions, and continue practices as Christian counselors.

Program & Curricular Diversity

Gordon-Conwell recognizes that many of the counseling theories currently in use are not always the most effective approaches in working with diverse populations, or in addressing issues faced by diverse clients. The counseling faculty have intentionally shaped the curriculum to prepare students to make appropriate, informed adjustments to their professional practices through:

  • Application of material in each course to work with diverse populations
  • Student exposure to theoretical models that provides practical application to counseling with diverse populations
  • Opportunities in clinical internships that enable students to adjust and apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills in cross-cultural clinical settings

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