Tuition Rates

Tuition does not increase for students active in their cohort.

For Cohorts that Start Between July 2021 and June 2022

Quarterly Tuition Rate $720 per quarter
Student Services Fee $30 per quarter
          Level 1 Total  $4,850 (($720 +$30) x 6 quarters, plus $350 for CT500)
          Level 2 Total $4,500 (($720 +$30) x 6 quarters)
          Level 3 Total $6,000 (($720 +$30) x 8 quarters)

Scholarship: Each course includes an automatic scholarship, reflecting a significant savings from regular tuition.

You can contact Student Accounts: at [email protected] or 978-646-4011. The Student Accounts office provides several payment options; cash, money order, or credit card. There is a modest charge for using the card. For international students, it is easy to use the services of to submit payment.

Legal Notice: If a student changes cohorts, at that point the tuition rate will update to match the year the new cohort begins. The seminary reserves the right to make further adjustments to enrollments and expenses.