Emerging Vision - Women’s Council

Emerging Vision

Gordon-Conwell equips Christian leaders for ministry in the global church, embracing the vision of Revelation 7 in which there are many languages, one Lamb, and no tears. Serving this mission and vision in a financially sustainable way has required the seminary to “pivot” in how it operates. One strategic pivot being pursued is increased partnerships.

For over 95 years, the purpose of Women’s Council has been to foster fellowship among women and closer affiliations with members’ churches to stimulate interest in the seminary and generate scholarship support for its students. The value of relationships formed combined with the increased attainability of a Gordon-Conwell education has been unquestionable. But recent declines in Council membership, event attendance, board leadership, and giving have signaled a need to rethink how it functions.

How might the Women’s Council engage more women to fulfill its vital purpose today? We believe the answer is found in meaningful and relevant involvement that advances the mission of both the global church and Gordon-Conwell through intentional partnership.

How might this look?

  • Sharing stories of seminary and church impact through social media to reach more women
  • Extending invitations to Gordon-Conwell forums and other events that showcase its mission for global ministry
  • Creating volunteer roles to connect the seminary with members’ churches
  • Forming intentional relationships between the seminary and churches
  • Promoting opportunities for Gordon-Conwell students, faculty, and graduates to serve the needs of churches
  • Encouraging seminary enrollment among church members as well as the financial and prayer support of these students through Gordon-Conwell’s Partnership Program

This is the emerging vision the Lord has granted us for the Women’s Council. We invite you to share your vision in the following ways:

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Participating in our Emerging Vision event on April 27 at the Hamilton campus.

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Joining our mailing list to receive updates and to pray for our emerging vision.


Scheduling a conversation with one of our Transition Committee members.

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Thank you for your interest. We anticipate what the Lord will do through the Women’s Council for women, the global church, and Gordon-Conwell and its students as the Council approaches its centennial anniversary in 2028! For more information, please contact Lisa Steigerwalt at [email protected] or 978-646-4229.