Executive Board - Women’s Council

Executive Board

Women’s Council has supported Gordon and Gordon-Conwell seminary students for 95 years. Since 1928, the faithfulness of this organization and its leadership cannot be overstated. Many Christian leaders have been financially prepared for ministry thanks to the Women’s Council.

But recently, membership and event attendance have declined, and there have been substantial executive board vacancies. Women’s Council needs more members involved in new ways to fulfill its mission of supporting Gordon-Conwell students. The Executive Board decided in April 2023 that new board leadership is the best way to accomplish this objective. To that end, a temporary Transition Committee was appointed to govern the organization and to seek new board leadership, with a target date of July 1, 2024. The Committee members are as follows:

  • Margaret Doyle
  • Brian Gardner (Chair)
  • Kathy Kishbaugh
  • Jennifer LaFountain
  • Lisa Steigerwalt
  • Nancy Sunquist
  • Brinn Weaver